Tuesday, March 27, 2012

If My Phone Could Talk


Anyone else just think of Goonies? Because I did. Anyways... Hope you are having a fantastic fantastic week so far and that you all have gotten over and through the Monday blues. I am LOVING this spring weather we are having and feel like life is so much happier when its nice out and there is more to do. Today I am bringing you a post from my phone:

-Hey all, Lindsay's phone here. Today I decided to show you how awesome Lindsay's life is through my photo lense and neglected photo gallery. I as well am glad that she is being more active as her long conversations of complaining were making me want to pull a "Siri" and go crazy on her. She is letting me rest more and enjoy myself in her back pocket or if I'm really lucky, her purse pocket for the whole day without even checking me. So here ya go, some happenings I have witnessed.









Happy Tuesday!

Monday, March 26, 2012


*For the best experience of the day, Listen to the short playlist while you read on. Trust me.
The Joy Formidable by Lindsay N. N on Grooveshark

Happy Joyous Monday Everyone! Hope everyone had a great Monday! -

*First off, Do we still love Music Monday? Should I keep this feature - I need your thoughts!

Secondly, I was introduced to this new group recently and they have become another favorite. I had the chance to see them in Concert on Saturday at the Masquerade in Atlanta with some awesome people and pretty much had the time of my life.

This Week:
The Joy Formidable

This Welsh group has not only been gaining momentum in the UK but in the US as well. The Alternative-Indie Rock group will seriously rock your face off with their amazing sound and talent. Ritzy - Lead vocals and guitar is seriously one awesome chick. I have never seen a woman of this caliber rock out and hold her own like she does among some of the best guitarists out there. She's incredible. And then there's Justin - The ever so talented drummer that is just jaw droppingly talented with insane rhythm and beats that just makes the overall sound bad ass. Mixed with Rhydian on bass, the overall sound is empowering, feel good, different, and refreshing. The Joy Formidable's pure energy on stage and in song will linger for days. Do yourself a favor and check them out.







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Friday, March 23, 2012

Guest Post! Some First Ever Awesomeness

Today I am introducing you to Ms. Erin who is actually now a Mrs... She is so nicely hijacking my blog today as work was crazy yesterday and she saved me from a no post Friday. Thank her by checkin her out! I asked her to blog about some spring awesomeness so read on for the awesomeness!


Hello to all of Lindsay's SWEET followers! I'm so excited she asked me to pay you all a little visit today-- and hopefully you are just as excited ;)

I'm Erin, and I blog over at Miss B to Mrs M. You're right. It's NOT the most original blog name ever, but I truly never imagined this little 'ole blog would turn into something that people other than my immediate family might read! I am LOVING all the great gals I've "met" via blogging and hope to meet lots more of you soon!

I'm a newlywed of almost 10 months and love my funny, handsome husband more than ever. We love to stay busy and cannot get enough of the fresh air that comes with Spring! Grilling out weekly, long walks after dinner and reading together on the back deck....Ahh, THESE are the things that I've been waiting for!

I seriously get to see this every morning & night.

We are now less than 50 (but who's counting) days from our 1-year anniversary trip and I just cannot CONTAIN my excitement :) So since we're headed on vacation soon- I figure that gives me an excuse to shop for some great spring/summer items!

via OldNavy

via VS

There is nothing more stressful fun than picking out a new bathing suit (or two, or three..) and these two are my top favorites right now.
I also love to embrace the "effortless" style in the Spring/Summer. Call it lazy if you want, but I LOVE having pieces that work as a beach/pool cover up and also while you're out & about running errands or just doing whatever! I'm a bit obsessed with both of these from Victoria's Secret at the moment :) Who doesn't love "throw on and go" method?!

On vacation I'm usually pretty casual, but there is at least one night I'd like to have a nice, accessorized outfit rather than just a cotton sundress.

Are those shoes adorable or what?! And I love the floral skirt.... I'm drooling all over again just looking at it!

What are your warm weather go-to items? It is the dress & sandals method like myself... or something else! I also hope I'm not the only one that uses every occasion, vacation, anniversary and celebrationg as a reason to go shopping ;)

Thanks again to L and all her followers for letting me hijack her blog today.
Please stop by & say hello!

Thursday, March 22, 2012

I was Tagged- Some Embarrassingly Awesome Facts

So..... I know you have seen a lot of these, but I think this one will be your favorite. Because My answers divulge some nice embarrassing facts that you'll love to hold against me.

My awesome friend Kate from Some-Eloquent Graffiti tagged me in 11 things. Thanks Kate!
1. You must post the rules
2. Post a Photo
3. Post 11 random things about yourself and answer your taggers questions
4. Create 11 new questions and tag others to answer them
5. Go to their blog/facebook/twitter to tell them you have tagged them

Easy peasy. So here we go on to some awesomeness!


11 Random short fun and embarrassing facts:

1. I used to collect worms when I was 7 and in daycare. Like legit problem where the supervisors would have to contact my mom. I would hide them in my pants pockets and bookbag pockets and they would come out in the wash. Poor suckers.
2. I once was "phone-dating" this guy freshman year of HS, only to find out it was someone else by the same name. Awkward.
3. I have an unhealthy obsession with Criminal Minds and a secret desire to be a profiler.
4. I sometimes legitimately try for several seconds to unlock my front door with my car's remote unlock. I just don't think sometimes.
5. I can eat more than anyone I know
6. I'm crazy allergic to bug bites. Like antibiotic needing allergic.
7. I am incredibly self conscious about my crooked nose.
8. I'm deathly allergic to Poison Ivy - Like seriously, almost died once and was hospitalized because it was on my lungs and in my blood stream
9. I often tell jokes to strangers to be friendly only to have them stare at me like I'm crazy. Well, I thought it was funny.
10. I once left my phone number for a waiter and he didn't call me back. Ouch.
11. I am a crazy night owl

And Katie-Claire's Questions:

1.What is your greatest accomplishment in life thus far?
I have two. I sold Pest Control DOOR-TO-DOOR for two summers straight. My first summer I was ranked in the top ten nationally in highest sales and was one of the top women- sales reps
-Landing a job with the CDC - Center for Disease Control & Prevention - and Unisys

2.What are your top 3 pet peeves?
   - People who use the last of the toiler paper roll and don't replace it. It's against human courtesy.
   - Stupid, bad drivers
   - Generally just rude, mean people. It hurts.

3. You're at a dessert buffet with everything sweet, desserty, and delicious you could imagine. What do yo go for first?

4. If your life were a reality T.V. series, what would be your theme song and why?

Theme Song by Lindsay N. N on Grooveshark
Sweet Sour by Band of Skulls. Because I'm super sweet and bubbly but can be a serious B*tc* if I want to be. Nichollette is my mean girl alter-ego, and yes, she's real.

5. What is your ultimate dream job?
Stay at home mom - Photographer

6.What is the funniest thing that has ever happened in your life?
My whole life is a comedy

7.Which celebrity do you think you could be best friends with?
Zac Efron. They say that you marry your best friend.

8. What is your biggest fear?
No being able to have children.

9. Do you have any scars? What are they from?
- Scar on my knuckles - Punched a small window
- Scar on my bicep - Burn from baking cookies for my home teacher
- Scar on my foot - Sprinkler lawn running incident

10. What would your Patronous be?
An OWL. I love owls. If you couldn't tell by my header. You are awesome for asking this!

11. What would be the best invention ever?
Teleportation, mainly apparation Harry Potter Style.

Thanks Kate for the tag! I tag:

Erin-Living in Yellow, Jess-I Rock So What, Elise, Daina, Abbey

1. What would your Patronous be?
2. What is your greatest accomplishment in life?
3. If you could have one super hero power, what would it be?
4. What is the hardest thing  you have ever gone through that you feel comfortable sharing?
5. The one word you would use to describe yourself?
6. Do you have an alter-ego?
7. What is the one thing you wish you could learn to do/ master?
8. What is your top bucket list item?
9. What is the one thing you are most confident and self conscious about?
10. Say one random nice thing about someone - a  blog you follow
11. Biggest pet peeve?

Thanks Everyone!

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Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Blue & Gold

A few weeks ago, My little Brother, Spencer, had his Blue and Gold Banquet for Cub Scouts. He and my dad had to make a cake to represent a scouting activity and needless to say, as it always is in our family, our presented cake was the best. Granted some bias might come up, but truly... A mountain biking cake = hardcore. My mom had the honor of painting him to next level while my youngest brother, despite reprimand, continued to eat cake like a dog - face first in the plate. Love my family.
Excuse the half point and shoot and half DSLR. Oh and, yes, Spencer is just abnormally pale and not an albino.









Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Music Monday - Band Of Skulls

*For an awesome experience, take a LISTEN while you read/browse along
Band of Skulls by Lindsay N. N on Grooveshark

Sorry for the late installment of Music Monday... But I wanted to wait until AFTER I attended this awesome concert last night.

And it was probably one of the best shows/ concerts I have ever been to. Wow. I was lucky that they played at a smaller venue in Atlanta - The Variety Playhouse.

This week's Music Monday?

Band of Skulls

This English group has a Black Keys feel with an added eclectic variety that keeps my attention way longer. Their urban, rock feel is perfect for this hott weather and is just feel good all around. Their sound truly bubbles something up deep from within that brings you to close your eyes and just rock the hell out. The trio each brings something unique to the table. Whether its a perfect, non-overpowering beat, sultry vocals, amazing lyrics and harmony, or just the amazing guitar - this band is a favorite. So please do yourself a favor and check them out.






I couldn't just pick one video this week. So for your listening and or viewing enjoyment, I know you will definitely recognize the third one:

I like how these are just normal people, not some fashion models or body builders

Monday, March 19, 2012

Breaking Dawn #2 Target Clip

Holy Heck.... And Yes, I just posted this. Judge all you want people.

Friday, March 16, 2012

Make Me Irish & a DIY

Well Hello there all you wonderful people! Hope you are all having a most splendid Friday and getting hyped up for some St. Patty's day awesomeness! Thought I would share with you some craftiness that's been going on around these quarters the past month. I'll let the pictures do the talking and part ways with you with a quick DIY. Happy St. Pattys!





St. Patty's DIY Garland



1.Begin with preferred colored pieces of cardstock paper - $2, string -$3 , and dollop hole punch - $7. You will also need a hot glue gun.
2. Punch out 20-30 pieces of each.



3. Place a dollop piece, color face down, and place a dab of hot glue on it. Place string on glued piece.
4. Take the same color of cut out dollop piece and place over glued string -  you might need to add more glue. This keeps both side looking pretty so that if the string twists, it will still look good.

Good Luck and Happy St. Patty's!

Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Sometimes I'm Materialistic

Soooo.... I really try and not be materialistic... But let's face it... There are a lot of times that I go to my happy place of day dreaming where I find myself having all the pretty things I want.
I love that my Dream Boards post was well embraced by you all so I guess this is a spin-off. I really try to keep myself in check because I truly am incredibly incredibly incredibly fortunate. But, if I won the lottery or found I was the heir to a lost billionaire relative, I would splurge a little. And here are some happy thoughts of materialism.



Yes, yes... I could have added A LOT more... But I already felt like a snobby brat for the above. Deal with it. That's all for today. Materialistic Daydreams that are going to be lived out vicariously through Pinterest and magazines.

Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Getting Personal

Source 1 2

SO I have been thinking. A lot of the time I share general stuff on this little blog here and occasionally I share some personal stuff. It was nice to get real on my Vlog last week and give you some one on one time into more about myself with questions you had asked. But I want to be able to open up and share my life, sometimes its just a little scary.

So right now, there has been A LOT weighing on me in certain areas of life. Mainly: Relationships. Sigh, I know many of you have stopped reading here. But if you're still here, I would love some words of encouragement.
So here's the deal - and I hate this. But I do not want to be in a relationship right now. Period. Point blank. I'm not ready. I firmly believe and feel that:
1. You can not truly make a significant other happy unless you, yourself are happy.
2. You need to learn who you are first prior to finding an identity in a relationship.
3. It is essential in life to have a "you" phase prior to settling down, *if given the opportunity.

I feel like am already a go with 1 and 2. This is the first time in my post-adolescent, adult life that I am comfortable with who I am, and I am learning how to be happy even when not in a full-on relationship (Its still an on going process)
But here's the other deal. I have pretty much ALWAYS had a guy in my life in some way, shape, or form since I was 15... This is the first time in my adult life that I have truly had the opportunity to focus on MYSELF.
I am the type of person that when I am in a relationship, I give my whole self to that person. I will always put that person's will and well being above my own. And that's how I am always going to be. And when I get married and start having children.. Game over... I will NEVER put myself first ever again.
With that, this is the first and last time in my life that I will EVER have the opportunity to selfishly and un-guiltily put myself first. Shouldn't I be able to give that opportunity to myself? But for some reason, I feel like a horrible person doing it.

I have seen and witnessed first hand what its like when parents live their lives without ever having put themselves first - *** Please let me acknowledge, some people or parents do not have this choice, and some people choose unselfishly to not take this road. And yes, in many instances they are still an INCREDIBLE parent - I am grateful and in admiration of these people.
But also, that being said, I feel like if we have the opportunity, if given, to have a period in our lives where we only focus on ourselves, we should take it. In the other non-rare instances I have witnessed, I feel like those I have seen are better parents, more patient, more giving, and once again - more patient-when they have had periods in their life to mainly focus on themselves.
I feel like not a lot of people realize this, and that's why there are a lot of lazy parents out there and an over abundance in lack of respect and human regard. More and more I see selfish children and selfish parents which rear a new generation of un-respectable people. Harsh, but this is how I feel, and I apologize if this offends.


I want to be the best wife, mother, friend, and servant that I can be. And for me- personally - I feel like taking this given opportunity to fully focus on myself is what will make me a better person in the future. Should I feel guilty about this? Because I don't want to, but sometimes I do. And it weighs heavy on my heart, and I know that this choice can hurt others, which makes me second guess. I'm at a crossroads and don't know how to proceed.
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