Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Holy Finals!!!!!!????

This week can only be described in one word. HeLL. Sorry! It just had to be said haha. And its only Tuesday!!! But sadly still feels like Monday with a four hour break for some sleep. But IM ALMOST DONE!! Im so glad to be staying busy though because my Family and Kevin come in this week!! Ah I cant wait! If I had nothing to do I would be going crazy!!

Good News Minute:
1. So Completely NAILED my consulting presentation! Heck yes. My client also won the Idaho Business Competition.
2. The client loved and is now using my designs and graphics to represent his company for logos and business cards

3. Im pretty much done with college so I can now be an...

4. I get to See Kevin on Thursday!!!! And my family too!!!
5. I get to go home to Atlanta for the Holidays and STAY THERE!
6. I had the best HARD run and work out two days in a row for some good stress relief

Well People. My life might be a little more boring once I go home but I cant wait!!! Ah!!

Sunday, December 12, 2010

Ending of an era

K This week has gone by incredibly fast! Its been insane! I guess its a good thing though because I cant wait to GRADUATE and be HOME!
Well for those of you who didnt know I got offered a JOB in ST. THOMAS Island to do sales and marketing!! But after much consideration declined. Something in my gut told me not to take it. So Im Atlanta bound! I have been blessed with great opportunities to work right when I get home! I want to feel settled and just constant. With school and jobs in the summer I never felt "Home" in any place. Thats something I really miss and cant wait to have.
Also I got Domesticated this week!!! The Lovely and talented Kim Shaum taught me how to make an awesome Minky blanket.. you know that way way soft material they seem to only use for newborn babies that you cant stop feeling and rubbing your face against? Yeah I have a big girl version of that now!!I must say I was pretty proud of myself! But it was so much fun to work on it with Kim! I was so grateful for her PATIENCE with me and for teaching me. Lets just say I'm one step closer to being the best future mom ever!

ALSO!... Have you heard of Lib Dub: Flash Mobs... You know where people break out into dance in random public places and dance and where they film it and play it in reverse??

Well I got to be apart of one last saturday for the BYU-I Lib Dub flash mob! They only have the trailer/ ROUGH ROUGH ROUGH version up .... none of the lip syncing was practiced yet really but heres a sneak peek of what itll kind of be like for the first lib dub part :

Saturday, December 4, 2010

Pic of your friends and LIFE

So obviously by the lack of my blog updates I have been INSANELY busy!!!! With school starting again the week after the Thanksgiving break the teachers are layin everything on us! Its been good though, just means it goes by that much faster! I love how each teacher for EACH class requires us to do like 3 hours of hw everyday and with that means about 10 hours of hw.
But on a good note.. from this second there is
13 days 16 hours 46 minutes and 4 seconds til GRADUATION!!!!!!!!!

This is just unreal I still am in shock! ps ANYONE who wants a graduation announcement text or message me through fb or some means :)

So today im Supposed to blog about my friends. I am so lucky and have the BEST friends anyone could ask for!
*Jessie is one of my oldest friends. I am soon to be an Auntie! to baby Kaiya! cant wait!!
*Catherine & Solaire are from home and are so much fun
*Then of course there are my amazing and hilarious roommates! Pretty much im ALWAYS laughing around them

*Logan and Melissa- 2 closest to me are some of my 2 closest friends. I have been so blessed by their friendship and their examples.
*DANNY! is one of my oldest friends and I just adore him. Seriously is one of the few people who just get me and can always cheer me up when im down.
*James Trav and Chase...Need I say more? just look at the pic
*Tarin, Elise, & Misty!!!! My besties from HS! These girls made every experience amazing! Words cannot describe!
*Melissa.... My best again
* Then Ryley, Chels, James, and Jeffers- we Obviously had many adventures together.
Its a LONG list but like I said... So lucky to have SO MANY wonderful friends!!!!
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