Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Holy Finals!!!!!!????

This week can only be described in one word. HeLL. Sorry! It just had to be said haha. And its only Tuesday!!! But sadly still feels like Monday with a four hour break for some sleep. But IM ALMOST DONE!! Im so glad to be staying busy though because my Family and Kevin come in this week!! Ah I cant wait! If I had nothing to do I would be going crazy!!

Good News Minute:
1. So Completely NAILED my consulting presentation! Heck yes. My client also won the Idaho Business Competition.
2. The client loved and is now using my designs and graphics to represent his company for logos and business cards

3. Im pretty much done with college so I can now be an...

4. I get to See Kevin on Thursday!!!! And my family too!!!
5. I get to go home to Atlanta for the Holidays and STAY THERE!
6. I had the best HARD run and work out two days in a row for some good stress relief

Well People. My life might be a little more boring once I go home but I cant wait!!! Ah!!

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