Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Aunt Carolyn

So today I was thinking a lot about how awesome my Aunt Carolyn is. She is my step-dad's Sister in Law and has been in my life for almost 4 years but I feel like she's known me my entire life. I truly believe that certain people come into our lives at specific moments in our life. She is beautiful, caring, compassionate, freakin hilarious, selfless, smart, hard working, and overall just an awesome person.

I always get so excited when I get to see her because I know its a guaranteed good time and ab workout from laughing so hard. She just gets me and its so refreshing to just be able to be myself around her and not be held to some stressful expectation. Have you ever been around certain people in your life and you just feel like wherever they are its home? This is how Carolyn makes everyone feel. She has taught me so much in such a short time and has made me feel so loved and welcomed. I love my family and know everyone is busy with their lives but she has been the one to stop for a moment and go out her way for me and that means more to me than anything else.

Carolyn is married to an amazing guy named Scott. Uncle Scott..... What a stud. He is hilarious, patient, kind, smart, and just a thrill to be around. Thanks you two for being so incredible. And for giving me abs :)

Tuesday, July 12, 2011


So some of you might not know that I have joined a KICKBALL league this season. Its pretty much one of the coolest things i've done. One of my best friends just moved back to the area and wanted to meet new people and convinced me of joining the team. We are.. the BALL ROCKERS. We have our games every monday at Hammond Park and pretty much dominate.

So this week was theme week. Each team dresses up in some sort of theme. Ours of course was gender switch. So the ladies wowed in tuxedo attire and mustaches while the gents charmed in their sundresses.


My good friend David is a vision in pink...

This must have been my reaction watching the gentlemen play

The mustache seriously was so itchy and going up my nose the whole time! So i resorted to a unibrow. So HOTT I know...

Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Happy 4th!

So this 4th of July It was SO NICE to finally be home. Every year, my family has a tradition and I had to miss it because I was in IDAHO for school... But THIS YEAR, I was back!

Every 4th, my family runs a 10K-6.2 mi at the Peachtree Road Race. It's the world's largest 10K with over 60,000 runners. Runners are selected based on a lottery. It was so hard but such an incredible experience. Needless to say, I can barely walk today. It's such an incredible experience to be a part of, thounsands of people line the streets to cheer you on, live bands play on the sidewalks, music blasting, I got blessed by a priest with Holy Water while running. Its just a fun and incredible experience.

After the race, the entire family goes to J. Christophers for a HUGE breakfast. This year we were able to meet up with my best friend Brad and his family and friends... Hopefully they'll come every year now too. Sadly.. I dont have a picture of this.. I was too concerned about eating my Bacon.... But it was an awesome day! After we went back to my parents, had a HUGE bbq, and relaxed.. Happy 4th everyone! So grateful to have freedom and live in an increidble country.

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