Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Lately & Some Advice Needed From You

Hello There!

So I am very sorry for my dry spell lately in posts. I just don't know what my deal is lately. I am pretty sure that it has to do with being stressed about work and wondering every day if my job is going to be in place by the end of the week. Some not so fun stuff. But anywho... Life has been spoiling me lately. I have found some new passions and I am really trying to master them.
What are they you ask? Photography and Graphic Design. I'll post some pictures this week. Pinky Promise. But as of late, this is what my life has looked like from my phone's perspective....outside of work.


Pizza Dinners with the fam, Dinner Dates, And some posing

FINALLY getting the Oakley sunglasses I have been dreaming about - My face is not sunglass friendly

Some "I actually got reay" days and my gorgeous goddaughter

Now.... I need some help. I FINALLY found THIS Camera Bag/ Purse that I pinned forever ago. I am in love. I am saving up for this little must have and need your help on deciding which one to get. The Choices
1. Dark Red
2. Teal/Minty Green
3. Tan

Please help.



The most indecisive person you will ever come across.

Monday, February 27, 2012

Music Monday - Jason Reeves

Hello love birds. So please let me say sorry for my absense lately. I honestly just needed a breather from the blog world where I felt like way to much of time was being consumed in. But I am back and bringing you a Music Monday.
Today's artist is one of my fave fave faves and I just HOPE you have heard of him. I first heard him in college during a Yoga class and his lyrics and voice instantly stole my heart.

Jason Reeves

Jason has the most pure and honest lyrics. They truly just speak to you and grab ahold of your soul bringing out that desire of love and joy. His soulful voice is easy to listen to and soulful - not to mention, just everything about him screams sexy. His easy going style will put you in just the right mood, everytime. He is good friends with and does a lot of writing and performing with Colbie Cailat -  And this pair teamed up ='s the perfect love song. Please go check him out here.





Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Giveaway Winner!

Hello Lovelies! Sorry again for the MIA-ness... Alot going on of which I will fill you in later... But!! I did want to announce the Fashion Cupcake GIVEAWAY Winner!

-A special thank you to everyone who entered, I hope you continue to check out Fashion Cupcake in the future-

The Giveaway Winner is....

Kelly! - Please email me your information :)



Thanks Loves!

Thursday, February 16, 2012

GIVEAWAY: Fashion Cupcake!

Hello all you BEAUTIFUL People! Happy Thursday! Today I am hosting and bringing you a Giveaway from the new and oh so Lovely... Fashion Cupcake.


And now for a quick intro:

"Hello! First, a special thanks to Lindsay for hosting this giveaway for us! We are so excited to be sharing with you all today. We are a new boutique company that started based on the idea that fabulous fashion should always be affordable AND high in quality. Our goal is to provide you with all of the latest trends in clothing, jewelry and gift items.  Fashion Cupcake carries anything and everything from cute and feminine fashions to adorable, affordable accessories and fun gift items! We would love for you to come check us out at our store and blog which will be updated often with new arrivals. Thanks! Hope to see you soon!"

This week, Fashion Cupcake is giving away their Gold & Coral Dangle Earrings, their Bright Orange/Coral Scarf,  AND a $25 gift card to their shop- I absolutely LOVE these pieces and am debating stealing them... But I won't because I love you guys.



To Enter:
***Please leave a comment below for each option you complete. Please also ensure your email is listed in your profile so we can contact you if you win.
Mandatory Entry:
1. Go to the Fashion Cupcake Website and tell us which item is your favorite
2. Follow both the Fashion Cupcake Blog and my blog via GFC- Google Friend Connect -Leave a comment telling you did so

Additional Entries:
3. "Like" the Fashion Cupcake Page on Facebook - Worth 2 entries -  Leave 2 comments telling you did so
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5. Follow the Fashion Cupcake page on Pinterest - Leave a comment telling you did so
6. Blog about this Giveaway - 2 entries - Please leave 2 comments telling you did so
7. Tweet about this giveaway linking back to the Fashion Cupcake Twitter Page - @fashioncupcake
Good luck! Giveaway closes on Tuesday, February 21st  at Midnight. Winner will be chosen via random.org

Wednesday, February 15, 2012

An Awesomely Embarrassing Valentine's Day Story

Flashback to Senior year of high school. Valentine's was an all week event. It was the day before the actual Valentine's Day. The halls were filled with emotions of both envy and gloating. The ones who showed off and displayed their tokens of other's affections, the ones who walked by pretending not to care but secretly wishing a last minute gift would be theirs.

Second period, and how I wished my then boyfriend went to the same school as me. Just then, a note from the front office came. "Lindsay B.... You have a package waiting to be picked up in the front Office, rm. 101"... Oh TJ....(Then Boyfriend)... how you did not disappoint.
My feelings of envy quickly turned to prideful satisfaction. I raced down to that wonderful room, rm. 101, that held the keys to a teenage girls biggest wish on that designated day of love. Would it be roses? A bear? perhaps it would be both with a letter of profound love.

My excitement was quickly extinguished when that parent volunteer with her ugly heart knitted sweater denied me of that one thing I swore would prove me as being cool and popular.
"Because we do not know what is in the package, we can not hand it over until the school day is over, you will have to wait and come back at the end of the day"..

No...No... No.... This could not be happening. Didn't she see? This was the one thing I had been dreaming and wishing for in four years of high school Valentine's Day. I needed that package now. I needed others to see how loved I was.

The day dragged on as if each minute was laughing in my face. Everyone had heard about my big package in room 101. My friends joined in on the guessing of what my thought to be one true love had sent me on this day. Finally, the last bell was minutes away. Even my History teacher was excited to see what the boy from another school had sent me in his declaration of love.

Being a senior had its advantages. I stood in that skylight hallway by my locker, a big package in hand for all to see as students and teachers passed through that main, high school hallway. Friends gathering around in both excitement and jealousy together. The package was finally opened. Roses were displayed. Ornate cookies made to look like a bouquet of flowers were also there. Yes, yes... He had done well. I smiled with pride and gloating. "Lindsay... You have the most amazing boyfriend!" was the one declaration I will always remember.
... Then the note, my proclamation of love I couldn't wait to read out loud. Without hesitation or a slight thought to proof read.... I read out loud for all to hear...

"Happy Valentine's Day Sweetie. I hope you know how much you are loved. I love you so much. Love, Mom"...

Wait.... huh? Yes... I had read it right. I had read it out loud... It was already out and too late to take back. That wonderful gift of love was from my mother. Not from that boy who I was so proud to call my own on that day, not from a secret admirer to show off how cool I thought I was. It was in fact, from my mother.

The laughter filled the hallways, the rolling to the floor in unexpected, hilarious embarrassment. The friends who literally almost peed their pants, the one friend who admitted she actually did. The jokes and teasing came, and it was too late to try and recover from. I was a senior for goodness sake. I was too cool for this.

But in that moment, one thing was right... I did feel loved on that day. And the quick instinct of embarrassment soon turned to gloating again. Yes, it was from my mom - what did your mom do for you today?

Though the next day I truly did receive a bouquet of red roses from that boy from another school. I secretly loved my mother's gift more. And even though I had those roses to show that I was loved by a significant other on that day of declared love, to show off an gloat about - that embarrassing moment of my senior year valentines will always mean more than a temporary flower to show off.

Happy Valentine's Everyone. Hope we all remember this holiday to respect and admire the love that is truly the most important to us in our lives. And remember... Don't try and take yourself too seriously... Because your mom will find a way to humble you.


Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Valentine's Magic & a DIY

Hello Lovelies! And Happy Valentines Day!

Apologies for being MIA lately... I took a much needed all-things-media break from the world. It was crucial to my health, completely refreshing, and now I am back. But how has everyone been? I have about 500 blog posts I am trying to catch up on because yes, I do still read all of your posts.

So does anyone have some spicy and awesome plans for tonight? Please share!
In the meantime, I thought I would show you the little Valentine's festiveness that is happenin in my little place right now. I gave myself a $20 budget for V-day decor (including cupcake mix - This is how I get my coworkers to love me) and used items I already had.

A big thing I try and remember while getting items to decorate with is to try and find a piece I can use for multiple occasions. (I used pieces from Halloween, Christmas, and Every-day decor). Also - the tissue poms poms below cost about $1 each. Money! Take a look.




I have decided that tissue poms poms are the best. and easiest. and cheapest. and awesomest little decor for any occasion/small holiday. Here's a quick tutorial

You will need:
-Packs of tissue paper
-Good scissors


1.Lay Tissue paper sheets (of whole stack) flat on hard surface (Short edge facing you - hot dog style)
2. Fold an edge 1" to 1" 1/2" along the short side. Make sure to CREASE the edge as much as humanly possible as this will give the pom pom the shape and edges you want. After the first fold, flip the sheets and fold back over as to make an accordion fold.
3.Continue this until the whole sheet is folded and looks like the picture above.
4. Fold the folded sheet in half making a hard crease


5. Use a string to tie around the middle folded edge. Tie it hard as this will keep the pom pom together. You can also use a pipe cleaner here. I chose to use string to be able to directly hang up.
6. Cut round or angle edges on both tissue paper ends. I chose to round them as I like the look better but it is personal preference.
7. Begin GENTLY separating and puffing each sheet from one another. Be very careful not to tear the paper.
8. Once all sheets have been separated, you can readjust the individual sheets to look fuller and sculpted. Hang up and you are done!

*To make small pom poms, cut the tissue paper in half long wise (hot dog style) prior to step one.

Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Dream Boards

I remember during summer's off from College, I used to sell pest control door to door. Little known fact about me, yes I did door to door sales and yes, it was one of the hardest things I ever had to do in my life. But to keep myself motivated, I would create Dream Boards to display wishful thinking dreams of my future. Here are some of my dreamboards today to help keep my sanity. Enjoy







All pictures Via Pinterest

Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Photo Dump Confessions

So I have noticed lately that I haven't really been sharing a lot about my life and have only been writing about certain topics. I am sorry for that. I really want to you to be able to get to know me and not just the side I choose to show.

So as of late:

-Work is really my life. It's pretty much all I do lately with some randomness thrown in between. I have been crazy stressed lately to the point of not sleeping, breaking out, and being a bipolar case but I am finally getting settled into this new position I have. I have been learning a ton and it has been a blessing to learn SO MUCH while still new to the corporate world. Expanding my experience and knowledge base will be a huge asset in the future.

-My Heart has issues. I don't know what I want right now and that scares me. I know that in the future I want to be married and have children, there's no compromising on that. But I am at a point in my life where I am finally TRULY doing the "me" thing, and I love it. I do too much for others and not enough for myself. I will never have this opportunity again for the rest of my life, so I am taking the opportunity now even though its frowned upon by certain people around me who wish I would just pop out babies already.

-I don't know if I can work in Corporate America for the rest of my career. I'm good at it, I enjoy it, but it is SO easy to lose sight of the important things in life while being here. I want to work to live, not live to work.

- I got a roommate! Timara is finally living with me and I absolutely love it. I love that I don't get annoyed with her, we can have a crazy night out or low key night in and its always the best. It's nice to be able to have an intelligent conversation with her and talk about gossip (we all do). She is my honorary, *non-romantic, significant other.

-Is it sad that down the road I want my husband to just take care of me without me having to worry about work? Outside of being a stay at home mom, I do want hobbies and side projects that bring in income, but I don't want a 9-5 when I'm married after the first few years. But I am willing to do my part.

- My whole life I have felt a burden that my future family will depend on me financially and it stresses me out to the point of daily anxiety.

-I find myself wanting the past back even though I know it's not right, at least now, and know that its not healthy for me.

-I hate living with Meniere's Disease. I have had to completely change my lifestyle. I never know when an attack will come and that just adds on more stress. Sometimes I am SO mad about it, but I have to remember that if this is the only thing I have to go through right now, I have it SO easy and am so lucky and blessed.

-I always feel under-appreciated.

-I'm completely happy and complacent in life right now. Life is good and wonderful in the most imperfect way.


1. Spencer's Scout Pinewood Derby race 2. My best guy friends in a nutshell 3. My beautiful goddaughter Kaiya
1. Sick day 2. 200 followers! wow! 3. Sick day 4. Compliments of my 8 year old brother

Happy Tuesday! Hope you enjoyed this session of Photo Dump Confessions.


Thanks to the Lovely Julie from Love Foster, I was awarded the Liebster Award! Thanks Julie!

  1. Choose FIVE up and coming blogs to award the Liebster to. Blogs must have less than 200 followers.
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  4. Share 5 random facts about yourself. 

Five Random Facts about me:

1. I love the alone time I have with myself, I don't mind it in the slightest and most times prefer it.
2. I can't wait to fall in love, get married and have children. I want to want this right now, but I don't and am not ready. Every time I see someones wedding photos, my heart aches for wanting that, but right now its just not the right time in my life.
3. I am always self conscious about my weight.
4. I love going out of my way for other people and doing thoughtful things. But most of the time I get nothing in return down the road when I need that person most and it hurts more than they know.
5. I secretly want to be a homicide crime detective

Now to give out the Liebster:

1. Shannon from Bungalow 960
2. Elle from Elle-Oh-Vee
3. Corina from Corina's Corner
4. Elise from Kalob and Elise
5. Jenna from The Life of the Wife

Monday, February 6, 2012

Music Monday - Vampire Weekend

Hello Lovelies! Happy Monday! I hope everyone is having a fantastic start off to their week. Here is something to make your Monday a little happier.

Today's Music Monday:

Vampire Weekend

I got introduced to this group awhile back and LOVE them. They have such an easy going and laid back style that always puts you in a good mood. This New York City group self describes their music as  "Upper West Side Soweto". Their Indie-Preppy music is definitely unique and will have you falling in love with the day after just one song. Please check em' out!






Saturday, February 4, 2012


Thank you SO much to everyone who entered the GIVEAWAY! I was so happy to get so many responses. We will DEFINITELY be doing more giveaways in the future because I just LOVE making you guys happy.
Now it's time to announce the winner of the Massive Giveaway.



Shane from Whispering Sweet Nothings

You should be getting an email soon! Congratulations and a humble thanks to everyone who entered!

Thursday, February 2, 2012

Music Monday - Mat Kearney

Why hello! I hope everyone has had a great Thursday so far. Its about to get a tad better. Today is an honorary Monday as we are posting Music Monday today. I hope you don't mind, I was just so excited to do the Giveaway earlier this week.

For those of you who are new, this blog is home to the ORIGINAL Music Monday where I post and share a different artist or band each week to give them a little more recognition. I noticed a while back that there were a ton of posts about fashion, home, beauty... but not much about music, which happens to be a big part of my life. I sometimes get into my own bubble of music and forget the many different genres out there. So here I look for upcoming or "new to me" musicians and try and share them with you. I am also up for any suggestions.

This week's artist:

Mat Kearney

Mat has an incredibly hip talent mixed with an amazing, smooth voice. His range of voice is not only impressive, but entertaining as well. He writes touching lyrics that seem to trigger that heartaching feeling that tells you he understands the mood or situation you are going through.





Want More? Listen Here

Don't forget to enter the GIVEAWAY that's happenin this week!


Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Another Chance

Sorry for no post today loves. I had another vertigo attack at 4 AM and was/am still out all day. But on a happy note,

I added another opportunity to win for the Giveaway!!!

*Leave a comment on the GIVEAWAY Post by asking me a question for my next Vlog


Don't forget to enter the GIVEAWAY that's happenin this week!
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