Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Hello Halloween

So people... Sorry I havent had that much time to give any updates but work was INSANE last week! So here is a little recap on what's been going down in the Borg household.
Mostly... Halloween crafts... both my mom and I have gone InSaNe on our crafting. This is my first Halloween in my own place and I was SOOOOOO Excited to finally be able to decorate!
So here are some pics so you can see how it turned out :)

Ps... Special Shout Out to my Mom-Lori Mom- For helping me be creative and for help with these awesome crafts!

This is what everyone gets to see on my floor... All of my neighbours LOVE it! (except one little girl who initially got scared by the bats.. oops..) All I have to do is carve some pumpkins. Not bad for my first outdoor display!

My first homemade wreath ever! (Its actually made from pages of a horror book - It looks pretty awesomome with the page writing) - How did I do??

The entryway!Remember these from here? I took out the candles and put a small strand of orange lights. Coming up are some of my favorite items!! I was so sad this picture turned out blurry but oh well... I got these awesome small bottles from Hobby Lobby for incredibly cheap! like $2 cheap. Local craft stores had halloween stickers that we placed on the bottles to make them look like potions and elixirs! My favorite about the one below is that I want to use it for valentine's too.

Then I decorated the outside of my porch with orange halloween lights.. The best part is.. everyone can definitely see them from the road since I'm on the top floor.

Hope you like my Halloween decorations as much as I do!!! Leave some comment love and let me know your thoughts!

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Marisha said...

I love it! I love halloween and the decorations! I wish I had time to decorate my place... wanna come over and do my apartment? (:

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