Thursday, October 13, 2011

Brunswick Stew

So late Friday night I get this text from my Lori mom... "I need help making Brunswick Stew tomorrow for the Kell drama kids.. Grandma couldnt come!".... So I wake up early on Saturday and head over thinking it will be no big deal...

I walk inside my parents home to hear the TV blasting Power Ranger Samurais with two little boys doing karate moves on the living room floor. All seems pretty normal... until I see about 30 cans of corn, tomatoes, a bunch of other stuff - and one HUGE pot on the stove. My frantic mother calls me from the grocery store... "I'm at Publix waiting to get more meat. They didnt have enough. I have to wait here while they package meat. C'MON!!!... O and Rachel just told me we have to have this all cooked and set up at the school by 12:30... for 40 kids."

I immediatly start prepping what I can, cleaning the house so she doesnt have to worry about it, watch the boys do a "new" karate move while still hearing "Lindsay! Now watch this one!" every 9.3 seconds. My mom rushes in and we start going crazy with the can opening.

Then I hear this.. "Oh no.... the pot isnt big enough!". Seriously???? How is that possible? It was already filled to the brim!

Long story short... After losing and finding 2 can lids, having to stand on a chair to even mix the stew, not having a ladle big enough resulting in a ladle/hand stir, and taking 2 people to even carry this pot... it was an eventful start to the day. We got to the highschool in the nick of time - while having Rachel frantically call us every 2 minutes as teenagers do - and the Brunswick Stew was a Success and a big hit!

Side note.. Drama moms (Of Drama kids) should have their own reality TV show on TLC... WOW...
But all in all after laughing so hard it felt like a workout, I learned first hand how to cook a meal for 40, and learned that you should probably take the can lid off BEFORE you pour it in the pot.
Pics below :) Enjoy.

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