Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Roadtrip 2010

So Naturally I needed a way to get to GA from Idaho. So Bring on Roadtrip 2010!!!

Kevin and I decided to do this straight through. All-nighter. 27 hours of pure.... yeah well you can guess. But we saw some amazing sights and made some amazing memories!

Step One: Map out your route. Mr. Garmin and iphone had a debate about who would get there faster. iphone won.

We saw some BEAUTIFUL sights! The country was just absolutely gorgeous. Wyoming was definitely my favorite. Jackson, WY was our favorite little town we were ObSessed with the Antler arches. Majority of the trip was in Freezing weather, Icey roads, and not so great conditions. We packed up my tiny little Mazda and went on our way. I couldn't Believe how much STUFF we fit in the car. 27 hours in a car with one person will test anyones patience but we had TONS of fun, made some great memories, and made it in one piece! There arent too many people I could do this trip with but Im so glad I had him there. He was great :) Wouldnt let me drive on any bad roads so I wouldnt be scared, took care of me on the drive, and was pretty entertaining on the trip. Overall I would say Roadtrip 2010 was a Success!

Monday, January 10, 2011


I... is... GRADUATED!!!

So ever since I got home its been CRAZY!! Ugh! But its been a lot of fun and theres a lot to catch up on! But first things first... I finally Graduated BYU-Idaho with a Bachelors Degree in Business Management with a minor in Marketing and Communications!!
Ah it feels so good to be done. Its a bitter sweet thing but I'm glad to be done and starting a new chapter of my life.So heres how graduation went. Kevin, My mom & brian, Dad and Lori mom all flew up for my graduation. I am a lucky gal to have so many loved ones fly up to see me on my day. Heres some pics so you can visually see lol.

Me and Kevin Degree in hand! yah!
All of my Parentals!!! Brian, Mom, Dad, & Lori Mom. How lucky am I to have 4 parents all
who love me enough to come out and support me and all get along and who are all
Mom and pretty much Sister SAMANTHA!!! Started
College with this girl! She was my very first roommate in the dorms!
Started together and ended together, been through so much
with her. Love you Sam!!We also got to go to the BYU-Idaho Center Dedication! We were the first graduating class in the new building

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