Thursday, September 22, 2011

Craftin It Up

So my Mom (Lori Mom- Dad's awesome wife) and I have started this weekly somewhat tradition of "Saturday Craft Day". It's Awesome. Through trial and error we now have somewhat of a method going on. We find ideas on craft blogs, Pinterest, magazines - and commit to one to do on Saturday. We found that it's best to get supplies throughout the week that way when Saturday morning rolls around you're not wasting your whole day.

A few weeks ago we tried this one out. We wanted to start getting ready for Fall and Halloween. Hobby Lobby was having a sale on colored mason jars. We picked a bunch up and even used another coupon.

Print a coupon for yourself here.

My mom has an awesome Cricut machine that cuts out vinyl and all sorts of stuff in whatever design you want. They have tons of different cartridges of fonts, stamps, stencils... you name it. This was a pretty easy craft and only took about 30 minutes. We chose a font, printed the Letters for "BOO" and stuck them right on! Voila'! so very easy.
Right now the jars have tealight-candles in them but I want to find mini-lights to put in them that way I dont have to try and light them over and over again. See results below!

Estimated expenses-$8

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Cameron & Chelsea said...

How cute!! I love crafting. It's so relaxing after a stressful week. It's wonderful being able to create and make something beautiful. I'll have to try this one out. Love it.

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