Thursday, September 22, 2011

Craftin It Up pt. 2

Scrabble Frames
So my mom- Lori mom- and I saw these online and LOVED them. However, we were on a budget. This craft was fun, easy, and turned out pretty cool.

Estimated Expenses: $15-25 (depending on what you already have)

What you will need:
1. Frame
2. Scrapbook paper-Scissors
3.Tacky Glue/ or another type you prefer
4. Scrabble letters- I went to ALL the craft stores in my area- about all 7 of them- and no one had nice looking scrabble letters. Target had a sale on board games so we just bought the game for about $12.00

First we found scrapbook patterns that we liked and cut them out to fit inside the frame. We just got frames from the dollar store to keep our costs down. Initially we were going to put them in a small shadow box so the letters would fit behind the glass but they were kind of expensive.- if you dont mind the cost, it's a cute alternative-

Next we picked out words/sayings that we would want to frame- we ended up choosing "Love You" and "Home".

Because the letters couldnt fit behind the glass, we just glued them on top! We just took a little bit of tacky glue, applied a q-tip'ed drop on the back of the srabble letter and pasted them right on the top of the glass! Because the glue doesnt dry instantly, you have freedom to make sure the letters are evenly spaced and aligned.

I found a really neat pattern that I fell in love with- I love the colors. I decided I wanted to display it on my new entry way table so I chose "Home". We had some burlap laying around so I cut small triangles and added them to the corners for more of a personal touch.

My mom and I just learned how to make these flowers- will explain in a future post- She wanted to display this in her newly painted bedroom and also wanted a personal touch- so she went with a quick hand made flower. (For a quick FYI you take polyester silk- cut 4-5 circles in descending size, burn the edges with a lighter so edges curl- put a quarter size amount of glue in the center and add pearl craft beads)

You can see how they turned out below- Leave some comment Love

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