Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Weekend and Randomness

So this is just a little recap of the weekend and some random events that have been sitting on my memory card FOREVER...

Friday Kevin took me to Vini Vidi Vici's... Where we had one of our first dates over 2 years ago! It is by far my most favorite place EVER! Kev always gives me a hard time because I could eat pasta and chicken for pretty much every meal.. But the night was very special and alot of fun! O and the gang of guys in the back made for some highlighted entertainment.. I think they are high up music industry people because they talked about managing these high named music groups... Cool! We ate TONS of food, had incredible conversation as always, and just had a really great evening <3

Saturday was followed by yet another afternoon motorcylce ride. Again, the weather was absolutely perfect! Now that it is officially Fall, the colors in GA are amazing! I will admit though that I am still crazy sore... The only thing that I am still getting the hang of is holding myself up when we break or change gears so I dont crush kev against the handles... no bueno... I am developing new muscles in my hips and butt from trying this and it is not enjoyable the next day.... but still entirely worth it! I have always loved going on rides and always will.

Saturday Night I got to have a date night with my momma!- My Lori (Dad's Wife) Mom! We went to yet another favorite place... ASAHI! We LOVE Japanese Hibachi... Afterall, it is in my blood right? It was a really awesome evening and was a much needed mom daughter time. I had a blast- mom is seriously hilarious. After pacing ourselves on the food overload... it was movie time. I was surprised I didn't go into a food coma. We went to go see "The Help" and it was an awesome movie. Very informative and very enjoyable. It really was an eye opener for me on how closed minded people can be and how that affects others. And Yes, I cried a lot... haha but I really would recommend it! The movie that is... not crying...
And lastly below is just a bunch of random randomness... I have the most awesome friends who are crazy and who I am awlays laughing with.

Cant you tell the Japanese resemblence we both have?? 1/2 vs. 1/4 :) haha

Hope you all had an enjoyable weekend! Leave some comment Love!

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