Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Confessions of A Modern Day Business Woman

So I was thinking today.... How different being back in Atlanta is from living in Idaho.. And how my life has changed so much this year. Honestly... with going to school for 4 years at BYU-Idaho... or as we like to say... BYU-I Do, I pretty much expected to be married with kids by now. But I'm not and I am perfectly happy with how much I have been blessed with where I am at today.
To be honest, a big part of me always wanted to know how I would do in Corporate America and another big part of me hungered to succeed at it. I always felt I could do great things in a business setting. From hustling grown ups to buy my girl scout cookes at the age of 7 or being a woman and one of the top ten selling sales reps in the nation for the pest control company I knocked door to door for... I have always had a drive to succeed.
In December of 2010 I graduated with a Business degree. A week and a half after graduation, I had a high paying job offer to work for Unisys Corporation's Federal Sector as a financial and Business Operations Analyst supporting the Center for Diseas Control and Prevention (CDC). What an INCREDIBLE blessing!

Today, I finally feel completely adjusted to corporate America. There are some days where I walk and feel like I am owning and dominating my job. That I am just on my A-Game. And then there are days I feel so inadequate and feel I'm going to lose my job from being to hard on myself. 9 months I have worked here and it has felt like 2.
It is so easy to be hungry for success and lose sight of whats important. I have continued to go church, be an incredibly family oriented person, and continue my duties as a woman. Just because today's society expects women to be full time executives and our past society has expected us to be the homemakers and care givers, doesnt mean we have to completely choose either or. I completely plan on and hope to be a stay at home mom once my children are born. For now I am a business woman and family woman. I have the best of both worlds.

We all have different purposes in this life: mom, business owner, wife, executive, caregiver, ful-time job worker... Woman...

Whether we are one or the other, we can also be both in our own way. For now this is my calling and I'm enjoying it to its fullest.

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Kallie said...

You are amazing LB! I love you! YOu are my hero!

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