Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Something Powerful

I find it interesting as time goes by, how easy it is to forget the simple things in life that we must do. For instance, as I get older, my life gets busier, crazier, and more chaotic. And I will admit that I do forget the simple things- most importantly- Prayer. But even though I completely take this for granted, my faith and knowledge of this amazing blessing will never falter. I have been blessed by and through prayer my whole life. And we, I including, need simple reminders of just how important it is.

Now to all my non-LDS friends who are reading this: Some of you are christian, athiest, or just have no opinion at all. But please know whatever atmosphere I am in or People I spend my time with, my faith and my beliefs will never change.

I know that prayers are answered- and if unanswered, that is the answer.
Some of you know that I have been sick the past month- main symptom being vertigo which completely incapacitates you. Now this is not some poor me, amazing miracle or extravagent experience, but it is a simple tender mercy in my life.

When this symptom occurs as it has done about 5-6 times the past month, I can't do anything but turn off all lights, have no sound, bury my head in pillows, and keep a bucket close by for about a 12 hour period. And that's sugar coating it. Prescribed medicine makes it liveable throughout.
Now I have come to the point where I am just ready to move on and be done with this. Twice in the past week I have felt it coming on and coming on strong- once in the middle of work. Trying to catch my balance in the ladies room, sitting on the floor, I quietly texted my family and kev to say a quick prayer that I would make it through the day and that this would not turn into another episode. within ten minutes it went away. Never before has that happened. I was lucky to finish out my crazy work day and enjoy my evening. Its easy to forget the Lord when you dont need him. But even when you do need him, He is always there. This was just one of the many small, tender mercies I was blessed with this week.

I sometimes think, what if we woke up with only the things we thanked God for last night, or this week or even past month? I am truly blessed beyond measure... and I am thankful.

Leave some comment love of your tender mercies or just anything <3

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Dallin & Ashley said...

Love ya Linds. You're such a strong person.

Brigitte said...

I love when I remember this. How easily we forget. Thanks for the reminder.

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