Monday, February 27, 2012

Music Monday - Jason Reeves

Hello love birds. So please let me say sorry for my absense lately. I honestly just needed a breather from the blog world where I felt like way to much of time was being consumed in. But I am back and bringing you a Music Monday.
Today's artist is one of my fave fave faves and I just HOPE you have heard of him. I first heard him in college during a Yoga class and his lyrics and voice instantly stole my heart.

Jason Reeves

Jason has the most pure and honest lyrics. They truly just speak to you and grab ahold of your soul bringing out that desire of love and joy. His soulful voice is easy to listen to and soulful - not to mention, just everything about him screams sexy. His easy going style will put you in just the right mood, everytime. He is good friends with and does a lot of writing and performing with Colbie Cailat -  And this pair teamed up ='s the perfect love song. Please go check him out here.






tiny dancer said...

Oooo he's got a lovely voice! Thanks for sharing this jem - I love finding new-to-me music. He's got a great sound.

Thank you so much for visiting my blog and for following, I really appreciate your support <3 Following you on bloglovin!

Rachel Larson said...

LOVELOVELOVE Jason Reeves. Not Lying, I fall asleep to his music every night!

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