Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Happy 4th!

So this 4th of July It was SO NICE to finally be home. Every year, my family has a tradition and I had to miss it because I was in IDAHO for school... But THIS YEAR, I was back!

Every 4th, my family runs a 10K-6.2 mi at the Peachtree Road Race. It's the world's largest 10K with over 60,000 runners. Runners are selected based on a lottery. It was so hard but such an incredible experience. Needless to say, I can barely walk today. It's such an incredible experience to be a part of, thounsands of people line the streets to cheer you on, live bands play on the sidewalks, music blasting, I got blessed by a priest with Holy Water while running. Its just a fun and incredible experience.

After the race, the entire family goes to J. Christophers for a HUGE breakfast. This year we were able to meet up with my best friend Brad and his family and friends... Hopefully they'll come every year now too. Sadly.. I dont have a picture of this.. I was too concerned about eating my Bacon.... But it was an awesome day! After we went back to my parents, had a HUGE bbq, and relaxed.. Happy 4th everyone! So grateful to have freedom and live in an increidble country.

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