Friday, March 23, 2012

Guest Post! Some First Ever Awesomeness

Today I am introducing you to Ms. Erin who is actually now a Mrs... She is so nicely hijacking my blog today as work was crazy yesterday and she saved me from a no post Friday. Thank her by checkin her out! I asked her to blog about some spring awesomeness so read on for the awesomeness!


Hello to all of Lindsay's SWEET followers! I'm so excited she asked me to pay you all a little visit today-- and hopefully you are just as excited ;)

I'm Erin, and I blog over at Miss B to Mrs M. You're right. It's NOT the most original blog name ever, but I truly never imagined this little 'ole blog would turn into something that people other than my immediate family might read! I am LOVING all the great gals I've "met" via blogging and hope to meet lots more of you soon!

I'm a newlywed of almost 10 months and love my funny, handsome husband more than ever. We love to stay busy and cannot get enough of the fresh air that comes with Spring! Grilling out weekly, long walks after dinner and reading together on the back deck....Ahh, THESE are the things that I've been waiting for!

I seriously get to see this every morning & night.

We are now less than 50 (but who's counting) days from our 1-year anniversary trip and I just cannot CONTAIN my excitement :) So since we're headed on vacation soon- I figure that gives me an excuse to shop for some great spring/summer items!

via OldNavy

via VS

There is nothing more stressful fun than picking out a new bathing suit (or two, or three..) and these two are my top favorites right now.
I also love to embrace the "effortless" style in the Spring/Summer. Call it lazy if you want, but I LOVE having pieces that work as a beach/pool cover up and also while you're out & about running errands or just doing whatever! I'm a bit obsessed with both of these from Victoria's Secret at the moment :) Who doesn't love "throw on and go" method?!

On vacation I'm usually pretty casual, but there is at least one night I'd like to have a nice, accessorized outfit rather than just a cotton sundress.

Are those shoes adorable or what?! And I love the floral skirt.... I'm drooling all over again just looking at it!

What are your warm weather go-to items? It is the dress & sandals method like myself... or something else! I also hope I'm not the only one that uses every occasion, vacation, anniversary and celebrationg as a reason to go shopping ;)

Thanks again to L and all her followers for letting me hijack her blog today.
Please stop by & say hello!


★ JASMINE ★ {BarbieBombshell} said...

love it! she sounds like a sweetheart!

have a happy weekend, doll!

Ashley H said...

VS has the cutest swim suits ever! I always love them.

Allison said...

I have a love/hate relationship with bathing suits. All of your picks are great ones. And I'm happy to find another new blog friend reading your guest following your blog Lindsay. :)

Anonymous said...

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