Monday, March 26, 2012


*For the best experience of the day, Listen to the short playlist while you read on. Trust me.
The Joy Formidable by Lindsay N. N on Grooveshark

Happy Joyous Monday Everyone! Hope everyone had a great Monday! -

*First off, Do we still love Music Monday? Should I keep this feature - I need your thoughts!

Secondly, I was introduced to this new group recently and they have become another favorite. I had the chance to see them in Concert on Saturday at the Masquerade in Atlanta with some awesome people and pretty much had the time of my life.

This Week:
The Joy Formidable

This Welsh group has not only been gaining momentum in the UK but in the US as well. The Alternative-Indie Rock group will seriously rock your face off with their amazing sound and talent. Ritzy - Lead vocals and guitar is seriously one awesome chick. I have never seen a woman of this caliber rock out and hold her own like she does among some of the best guitarists out there. She's incredible. And then there's Justin - The ever so talented drummer that is just jaw droppingly talented with insane rhythm and beats that just makes the overall sound bad ass. Mixed with Rhydian on bass, the overall sound is empowering, feel good, different, and refreshing. The Joy Formidable's pure energy on stage and in song will linger for days. Do yourself a favor and check them out.







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Renee said...

Music Mondays rock! :) Keep it!

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