Thursday, December 1, 2011

Awkward and Awesome

Happy December and Happy Thursday everyone! So glad that there is only one more day until the weekend. So I must admit... I have been having tons of fun reading everyone's "Awkward and Awesome" posts and may or may not have been a little excited to write one again this week. Last week was the flashback edition as it was my first A&A post. Just wanted to make sure you knew what you were dealing with here.

So for this week... here it is.



-Pocket answering the phone while blasting my lungs out to some song I knew only half the words to. You know where you're like " And blazenstrump oooo blah jarva ooo.... You got my heart!" Ya... Embarassing
-Making a what I thought to be really funny joke at work only to have everyone be like... "What?"
-Trying to bribe the girl taking my order for pick up to bring the food out to me because I swore I was handicap and not a creeper... only to have her respond with "Thats exactly what a creeper would say"... But I won out
-Attempting and epicly failing to use the auto-wheelchair at wal-mart. I can still feel the whiplash
-Having no place to put my phone while on crutches so there is the attempted bra hold... never works, phone slides right down. yay for no cleavage
-And lastly, Falling at the movie theatre onto an empty row while I yelled out an extremely awful profanity. Sorry kids.



-Finding out my little sister got the LEAD role in her school's upcoming musical
-Stuffing myself with Sushi before the Thanksgiving meal was even ready... Yes, we are Japanese and eat sushi at every get together
-Unbottoning my pants at Thanksgiving without feeling guilty
-Going to Utah for my BFs wedding and having a whole week off of work
-Getting to see family for the holiday
-Finding out one of my best friend's moving back to Atlanta. That's her right there above!
-Getting a new family dog

And there you have it my favorite people. Hope you all have a wonderful Awesome and Awkward Thursday


Shannon said...

Those boots should be under awesome. Where did you get them? I need a new black pair!

Kylee Noelle {blog} said...

Haha love your awkward and awesomes!

Kallie said...

You are wonderful! PS I love the boot socks! Cute Cute!

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