Thursday, November 17, 2011

Awkward and Awesome: Flashback Edition

So as this is my first Awkward & Awesome Thursday, I thought I would begin with a little background information as to why I am so more awkward than awesome - even though my level of awesomeness is awesome.
Moving on. Flashback. I was SOoooooooo Awkward in middle school and the beginning of high school. Like literally... to the point where I have flashbacks that are so embarrassing that I start singing without realizing to block them out of my memory instantaneously. Really... Singing.

Let me recount the ones that still haven't been suppressed - I was an odd one

Awkward Flashback:
- Lying to the cool girls when they asked if I got highlights and telling them I got only one. Really? One highlight? I really got a bunch.
-Going through this way too long phase of putting TONS of glitter on my eyelids. The trend lasted 3 weeks. I think I did it for 3 months.
-Wanting to show off my "mad" singing skills and really be overheard by cute boys on the bus, I would sing to my school bus seating partner... like singing, A Little Mermaid's "A Whole New World". That poor girl.
-I was a MAJOR choir nerd (but am still dang proud of it). I would wear the t-shirts with music notes and symbols and one liners from random songs.
-Confronting the cool girls and "setting them straight" for claiming one of my guy friends liked them. I was apparently "protective". It was so awkward.
-Wore my hair in a ponytail EVERYDAY because I didn't know how to tame the beast.
-Braces + really bad fashion sense. You do the math.


Awesome Flashback:
-Finding my place with some AMAZING friends end of my sophomore year of high school.
-Discovering the invention of a hair straightener.
-Getting rid of baby acne... Hey we're being honest here.
-Realizing I was actually pretty cool.
-Dating a guy who was in college while I was still in high school. That was a big move in my coolness factor.
-Seriously... making lifelong friends who I still am close with today.
-Having chorus be a pretty cool thing - we were pretty dang good
-Getting my license and a bad A car named Tyrone
-Becoming pretty okay with how awkward & Awesome I was at the same time.

And there you have it. Please note, this is the FIRST time I have shared majority/all of these suppressed awkward moments. Happy Thursday everyone!

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Kallie said...

Oh Lindsay I have been jealous of your cool factor! I always felt like the awkward one around you and all your amazingness!

jamie @ [kreyv] said...

Laughing out loud. Love your blog!

Monica Kosasih said...

HAHAHAHA great post dear :D

The Bookness said...

Such a good post idea. =) Wonderful awkwardness youve got here. LOL. Followed and maybe youll visit me someday too.


Emmett Katherine said...

I love reading ppl's awkward & awesome Thursday's, they're always so entertaining and interesting. I can def relate to always wearing my hair in a ponytail bc I couldn't tame my hair back in the day!

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