Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Awkward Accounts From My Annual Check Up: Pt. 2 "An Ex's ex"

So remember when I wrote about my emabarassing account at my annual check up? Well... There's another story from this year's visit. So I go in to get my annual check up - Thank goodness all goes well a part from the awkward and persistent attempts to keep myself somewhat covered with the see through paper "gown" - until the very end. And then this happens

Doctor: Well you need to make sure that anyone you even kiss has not had contact of any kind with persons who could possibly be infected with even say cold sores.

Me: Crickets.... Well... I think I'm fine... really... The last person I dated, as well as me, was pretty selective in who they dated, let alone made out with.

Doctor:... Well just saying.. you don't have to have sex to get some of this stuff

Me:.... Ugh.. k thanks

For some reason, I was then mentally brought back to my epic "high school saga" where my first childhood boyfriend had broken up with his girlfriend and rekindled the flame with me. Ah it was bliss.... Until the on and off and on and off again reationship status began. Then ... I found out 3 days before prom that he was taking his ex instead of me and that he had kind of been flying under the radar with the both of us... I knew it was for realz when I had gotten strep throat the same week she did. I was never making out with another guy again! ("Ha! Ya right" my mom would say). I laugh now thinking about how much I hated her when really it was just stupid boy drama with "boys being boys".

Funny thing is, I rekindled the flame again in college with said boy and it was pretty much a repeat of highschool in the sense of me and other gal were both still a huge emotional part of his life. But I didnt get sick and she was dating another dude - so just emotional sickness instead of strep. In the end, she is a super nice girl, we havent always had the fondest opinion of one another in the past, but whatever... Shes nice, I'm nice and thats that.

So as I am leaving the doctor's office about to check out.. lo and behold, who do I run into for the first time in years???.... Yes.. said girl... the awkwardness and embarassment set in as I said hi and asked how she was. Next thing I know....

I Panicked .... and hugged her.....

Hugged her? She was probably like what the hell!?

Her: ugh.. I'm super late for my doctor apptmnt..
Me.... Ugh ya! um ok ugh bye! have fun!! (mentally thinking.... WHAT... the... hell.... did.. I...

So take it from me ... double check your doctors prior to getting in stirrups, and dont be a panic hugger.

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Nikki said...

Ughhhhhh! I totally feel for you! I'm also a panic-hugger which can be sooooo awkward sometimes. Oh the doctor's office :)

Mrs. Nix said...

Oh. My. Gosh.
I'm exactly the same way! Stuttering and hugging in awkward situations. Haha!
New reader, btw. Love your blog! :)

BF said...

Haha, oh sad. A panic hugger. I have a story like that, but not at the dr's office, and not with a boyfriends girlfriend/ex-girlfriend kind of situation. But it was awkward, and it was a hug...

Anonymous said...

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