Thursday, April 12, 2012

The Return of Letters

*Dear Gym, I missed you. I am so glad we are friends once again. Even better? Because I declared you as my new BFF, I got a FREE personal training session. Guess what? He worked out my upper body in just half an hour.... And then... I couldnt drive home. Literally, picture swerving into lanes because my arms were shaking. Thus, I have opted to drive with my knee when possible. 
Love, A dedicated friend

*Dear Media, Please stop "sexualizing" the younger generations. You are the reason why we have stupid shows like "16 and Pregnant", "Teenage Mom", and rising teen pregnancies and teen STDs. Yes, I fully respect the hard lives of these women. But why do you now condone children having children. Why can't this younger generation be granted a wonderful and ignorant childhood as they deserve? Why are you trying to make 15-17 year olds act like they are in their mid 20s? You should be ashamed of yourselves. It should not be right for sex to be so prevalent in teenage shows aimed towards highschoolers. Is nothing sacred to you? Its different for adult programs and audiences, but ABC "Family"? We should not have to be already thinking about this conversation when it comes to my 8 year old brother. 

Dear Scramble with Friends, You are awesome and I love you. The end. (LindsayNicoleee if you're obsessed too)

Dear Little Sister, Yesterday you turned 18! What? You're legal now? No... You're still 6 in my mind. You are so beautiful and talented and I am proud to be called your big sister. You are such an example to me and I love your realness and self assurance. ps... You are hilarious and make the most epic impressions.

Dear Facebook, it has been almost a month since I deleted you, and it feels so good. I know I will probably come back soon, but until then, it has been so nice focusing on my own life rather than obsessing too much over other's. 

Dear Past Two Weeks, Where have you gone? I know I have been preoccupied (okay fully MIA) due to this new position... But I don't think it's fair that you completely pass me by without my knowledge. Heck.

*Dear Little Ones Whom I used to be a Camp Counselour and Church Leader To,
You're getting MARRIED!? Wait what? I used to babysit you, you just graduated high school! I feel old! Should I have a kid by now? I'm so confused...

Dear Life, Even though I don't give you enough credit, you are fantastically awesome.  

*Finally, Dear This Guy in the Video Below, You are AWESOME. I wish I could move like you, you made my whole day and my cheeks are still hurting from this. Love, an old enough person to watch this video.


Valerie Griffin said...

the gym is my BFF too. definitely my happy place :)

kelley said...

Currently dying after watching that video! I have to pass it along. And the gym is my bff too! :]

Kai.Mercado. said...

LOL oooohhh my goshhhh that video just made my entire day!!!

Anonymous said...

agree with the whole "16 & pregnant / teen mom" thing... ugh

Brittany said...

That video is amazingly funny!

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