Monday, April 16, 2012

Brothers: $1

It is amazing what you can get an 8 and 5 year old to do with the bribe of $1. On Saturday, I got to spend some time with the Family and practice shooting in FULL MANUAL mode and finally apply what I had learned from my Photography class. Dialogue as follows:

Me: Tanner, Spencer! Come outside with me, I want to take some pictures of you.

Tanner and Spencer (dragging their feet): Okay... But YOU have to find my shoes!

4 minutes later...

Tanner: I'm bored, can we go inside? I'm in the middle of my Star Wars Lego Build!
Spencer: Heavy Sighing

Me: Okay.... If you guys cooperate, and listen to me when I say "Smile" and "look at me", then I will give you $1 whole dollar each for your time!

Spencer and Tanner (gasping): $1 dollar!? Well what if we do it for 20 minutes... do we get $2? and 30 minutes.. $3 dollars?

Me: Yup!

6 minutes in....

Tanner: Okay.. I'm fine with just one dollar.

Hope you enjoy!












Anonymous said...

aw these photos are too darn cute, we have no boys in my family I'm one of 3 girls, i have 3 daughters and my sister has a girl as well... boys look so much fun!

J and A said...

They are so cute!! Well worth the $1!!

Pamela said...

Aww! They turned out good :)

Talia said...

What adorable boys! And who knew $1 would be such an easy bribe ;)

Nice job on the full manual! It's so exciting to be able to put new knowledge to work. :)

Elle said...

Their little faces are so cute! All boy. 6 minutes is quite a long time. My 8 year old brother would last two...maybe lol

Brittany said...

Super cute!! nice that you can get away with $1 my sister is a bargainer and it drives me crazy she has some high expectations and doesn't make it easy for me.

Anonymous said...

The boys are too cute!! I use the $1 bride alot on my 8-year-old! Great job on the photos, too!

Geezees Custom Canvas Art said...

could they be any sillier and cuter...great pics :)

Taylor Morgan said...

Adorable :)


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