Friday, January 27, 2012

Seven Letters

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Thank you for all the love yesterday on the new layout :) I quite love it too. Today I was thinking about what I wanted to write about and in reading some of yalls posts, I couldnt help create an internal dialogue of what I would write for a Friday Letter.
So there, I am going to try and take a stab at it.

1. Dear Phone Alarm Clock,

Please don't take me seriously when I turn off your alarm unknowingly why still fully asleep. You need to start reading me better, I feel like I already know everything about you.

Love,  the tardy girl who pays your bills.

2. Dear Atlanta Drivers,

Please stop door dinging my freaking car, backing into it and not leaving a note, and swerving in my lane. I would truly appreciate it if you ignored the invisible sign above my car that must read "Please cut me off because it would make my day."

Sincerely, the woman who just mentally screamed F* you.

3. Dear Heart,

Please make up your mind and stop complicating everything. Please just do what I want you to do and start putting yourself on the defrost setting. You're making my life a living hell.

Love, the one who loves being alone too much.

4. Dear Massive White BMW,

For the love of whoever you believe in, STOP taking up two parking spots in the front lot which is prime parking.

Love, your neighbour who has debated keying the side of your car.

5. Dear TY (My little Mazda),

I would appreciate it if you started paying for your own food gas. You're starting to be really high maintenance. But I also want to apologize for all of the idiots who beat you up while I am not there. Don't feel bad if you want to hit back. You have my permission.

Love, your wonderful owner.

6. Dear Weekend,

I am in love with you. Please stay longer and come around more often.

Love, Your stage 5 clinger.

7. Dear Readers,

You all are rockstars and are amazing. I love you guys so much. Your comments make my day and just make life better.

Love, Lindsay



Michelle P said...

I put my cell phone(that's my alarm) far far away because I always turn it off in my sleep

Love these pictures by the way.

Amira said...

Hehe these were such a crack up! When I get Siri, I plan to demand she not take me seriously if I turn off my alarm monday-friday. Come on, like she has anything better to do than watch me if I turn over and go back to sleep.

Shannon @ Bungalow960 said...

My cell alarm decided to turn off on me on Wednesday. I hate that thing. Maybe I should have a back up. Also, I totally feel you with the taking up two parking spaces, we have been dealing with a parking situation on our street lately that is making me want to pull my hair out.

Anonymous said...

ahahahahahahahaha, this sounds a lot like me #2 & 4 ring true with me.... the worst drivers here in Houston ;-(

Brooke said...

I'm just going to join the masses and say that your new layout is divine :)

Emily said...

I loved this! Especially the first one... I am NOTORIOUS for turning off my alarm clock in my sleep and even replying to text messages....I will realize this mid-day the next day and be so embarrassed of my jumbled text mess! I wish the weekend lasted longer too. Have a great weekend! :)

Rachel said...

I can totally relate to the first one - I have unknowingly turned my alarm off and almost been late for school!!! Def not good =) Weekends are my favorite too!! Great post <3
Love your blog!

~Rachel <3

ginanorma said...

haha these are great!!!

Baby Meg said...

What a fun post idea, I might have to be a copycat on this one! Really though, wouldn't it be nice if our alarm clocks could read us better? It would make life a lot easier..

July said...

wait..have I totally missed that you live in Atlanta?!

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