Monday, January 9, 2012

Music Monday - Lana Del Rey

Happy EPIC return of Music Monday everyone. I apologise that we got a little off track with the holidays, but we are a go for the rest of the year. On a side note, hope you all had a FANTASTIC weekend. Can't wait to read about it.

So this week's chosen Music Monday is.....:

Lana Del Rey

Lana (Elizabeth Grant) was born and raised in NY and is an incredibly talented singer - songwriter. Self described as a "Gangsta Nancy Sinatra", she has a soulful modern day style. Her voice is enthralling and addictive. I honestly feel like I am living out a daydream watching her videos and looking through her photos. Not to mention, she is absolutely breathtakingly gorgeous. Complete girl crush.

Though she does not have many songs out today, I hope she is one to stay around and I look forward to see what else she has to bring to the table. This one truly has talent.

Oh... and you MUST watch the video below. It has been on repeat all day.

So please meet Miss Lana Del Rey~





PS: Music Monday is also up for suggestion, so if you have any artists that feel need some major recongnition, point them my way.


Shannon McHale said...

Oooooh I love her! I heard Video Games for the first time on an episode of Gossip Girl and loved it. Her voice is haunting and amazing. Awesome pick for Music Monday!

Krista Lynn said...

Such a great idea!! I'm always looking for new artists. I really like her voice - I agree with's very haunting

Katie said...

you are featured on my blog today, make sure to check it out!! xoxo

Mr. Taylor and his Lady said...

oh gosh, i've never heard of her before, and i'm already obsessing over this song. she is absolutely gorgeous!!!
xo TJ

Summer-Raye said...

ahh I love her lips.. Sounds great.

follow each other?

Jenna@The Life of the Wife said...

I'm gonna have to check her out!! Thanks for telling us about her! Yay for music Monday!


Juliette said...

I ABSOLUTELY love her!! Obsessed with these one for months now!! And the new one, Born To Die si amazing too :)

July said...

I am such a fan!! I posted this video not long ago on my music Tuesdays!! Fell in love with her months ago, ahhhh!

Carrie said...

Oh my I looove her! I heard Video Games on Gossip Girl! Loove love that song!
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