Sunday, January 8, 2012

Another Lovely Sponsor

Hello Lovelies! Please meet Breanna, another one of my lovely sponsors. She is quite awesome so please go check her out!

Hi, I'm Breanna & I blog over at My Beautiful, Crazy Life. I am a 20 year old college student who strives to live everyday for the Glory of God. I started blogging in October 2011 for the mere fact to express myself and to document my life's journey :) It really has became one of my favorite things to do, kinda like a hobby!  I blog about almost anything ranging from fashion to life, basically anything my little heart desires! Hope you will stop on by because I would love to meet you :)


Brooke said...

I'll have to check out her blog. Thanks :)

Ivana said...

She sounds so lovely! I need to check out her blog asap!
And I´ve just discovered your lovely blog and I love it! I´m happy to be your new follower :)

xx Ivana

Stop by sometimes :)
Macarons and Pearls

Anonymous said...


your newest follower..

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