Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Today I need to Vent.

I am trying to keep my cool and trying to contain my composure. I really wish I could divulge more of whats been going on but proper human ethics prohibit me to. Today I am tired, frustrated, and downright livid.

I am tired of having to play a game of politics in every day life. I am sick of having to strategically think through every action like a speed game of chess. I am sick of being thrown underneath the bus to look bad in order meet someone's political agenda and end game so they can look good. I am not good at this so called game hardened men play.
I have always prided myself on being a hard worker. Ask anyone I went to school with. I worked my ass off in college to get to where I am today. Not once did I have a college summer experience because I was working, selling and knocking door to door to pay for school and my end.

I am honest, I own up to my mistakes, I will always go out of my way for you, maybe I am naive.

I am smart, I can and will do anything I set my mind to, I will succeed according to my own standards and not yours, and I will maintain my respect- dignity-and class through it all.

I will be who I want to be, and not who you think I should be.

Today I needed to vent about how disappointed I am. How it angers me that I have lost my trust and respect in some people. How it makes me sick to my stomach that you have drug my name through the mud. You made your move. I am sorry that my niceness and sincerity came across as a weakness. Let me please correct you, it is a sign of character. With that, I wish you the best. You may continue to burn your bridges while I build mine. In the end, I will take my respect while you take your pride. And when it is all said and done, I will still stand.



J and A said...

Sending a cyber hug. You are a strong woman and I am glad you are standing your ground. High five lady.

Chargehim40 said...
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July said...

You never apologize for who you are! I know how you feel because my kindness comes off as a weakness too often, and sadly people will take advantage of it, I've learned the hard way that you MUST stay true to who you are, and your beliefs. Especially in the work place, because believe me, good things DO happen to good people. I hope you feel better, stay strong!

★ JASMINE ★ said...

Great blog post hun. Emotionas are healthy. Stay strong and keep fighting <3

Jamie Leigh said...

Venting is SO necessary at times, and I am glad you took the time to spill your emotions out!! I hope everything gets better soon...stay true to yourself and keep your head up!

Hollie Ann said...

breathe in and breathe out....things will get better! cute blog girlie :)

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