Thursday, September 8, 2011

Its the Simple Things

So lately I have come to be reminded again that... Its the small and simple things in life that make you happy.
Life and God have blessed me far beyond than I deserve. Lately, I have been in this entitlement phase where I have felt... "I work hard...I deserve this"..."This needs to be done my way"... or my personal favorite..."I do what I want!". Yah..

But luckily the small and simple things have brought me back to reality so that I can see just how blessed I really am.

I Love:
Being a nerd with my best friend
Being with my family
Big hugs from my little brothers
Dancing in my car
Working Hard
Reunions with Best friends who live far away
Learning new things
A good work out
Waking up

Life truly is a Beautiful Thing.
So please.... When you are having a crappy day, feel that others have more than you, are waiting for the next best thing, craving that one thing you cant have just right now..... Remember... Look at what you do have and know, someone else is dreaming to have a life as good as yours.

Thats my little tid bit for the day. My good friend told me I need to write more often so I can write less in each post lol. So I'm finishing with some pics of my favorite small and simple things.

Being Goofy with my best friend

Random phone pictures with my little brother
Little boys who are so clean... after getting dirt and stickiness all over your work clothes :)
Being remembered in your little brother's homework- to draw a family tree...

Oh and last but not least... My issues featured in my previous post here. I got like 10 more spider bites... This is the third and hopefully the last of 2011

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