Tuesday, August 30, 2011


So I have come to the conclusion that I just have issues. To the point where its embarassing. Anyone who has ever lived with me can confirm that I have the most random ill-fated medical happenings... And it all usually happens all within a 4 week span for the year. So I knew I was due this year as it is almost September and just my luck... oh did the misfortune come. Granted it wasnt a bunch of things that happened but just a few things that just plain sucked.

First off... I am crazy allergic to spider bites. I am just minding my nice business when I feel a couple pinches on my arm. At first I thought it was just mosquito bites... looked the same way felt the same way... and then came the fever, chills, and spread. ugh.... This was taken on day two... and on day 3-4 it covered my whole arm.

And this made me sick for about a week.

The next week was our championship kickball game. I was playing catcher. Please note, I am 5'1 and about 120 lbs. Long story short.... I got knocked on my booty by a 6'3 275 lb guy. Freakin ouch.

Then last week, I started feel sick to my stomach and extremely dizzy at work. Next thing I know... I was almost passed out in the bathroom. Talk about embarassing. Then all I remember was my boss driving me home and a co worker following behind so I would have my car... an hour drive from where I work. double embarassing. Come to find out.. I had an inner ear infection. I had the worst vertigo I have ever had... and it lasted about 5 days. After missing two days of work and being refined to my apartment for an eternity... this better be the end.

All in all I am trying to find it comical... While in the back of my mind praying that nothing more happens. But these are the wonderful issues of my life :)

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Elise said...

Oh man, Lindsay! No fun. I'm sorry! I hope you are finally feeling better! And no more medical dramas, okay?! Miss you!!

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