Thursday, September 15, 2011

Another reason for Fall excitement

So I am a little embarassed to release more reasons why I am excited for Fall. I'm usually not a TV junkie and really like to be out doing things... but when it comes to these series below... I can't help it. Every year, I get so excited for these shows, love every minute of them throughout the season, then get heartbroken when I watch the last one. Then the anticipaction KILLS me til the next season begins. So here you have it... my fall series excitements.

1. Vampire Diaraies..
Everyone in this show is Beautiful! And they film right in Decatur. My friend actually works on the set and says everyone is way cool and incredibly chill. bonus. This brings me back to being in Rexburg when it was -7 degrees out and you didnt dare go outside. So I would bundle up in a blanket and watch the series until I could barely keep my eyes open. Not to mention the nice eye candy of all the guys on the cast.. this ones a favorite.

2. Private Practice
Talk about drama drama drama. I know its probably humanly impossible to have as much drama as these people do, But I just go with it since they're doctors. I really like how last season they got to the core of some really serious issues and exposed it in a light that no other shows do. They got to the heart of what some victims actually go through on a day to day basis and dont just show it in a 30 minute period. It was commendable.

Okay....In highschool I was a big choir nerd. Like the biggest. And was president of Show Choir. Needless to say we were nowehere near as good as these people but it still was a highlight of my highschool experience. And to top it off, I may or may not get excited everytime they bust out into an awesome rendition of some song. And last but not least... The Secret Circle. I have a strange love for anything supernatural. weird I know.. But dont worry I know how to separate this from reality. But its who I am and what I enjoy- ever since I was little. we will try and give this one a try... We will know after tonight!

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