Monday, August 22, 2011

Good News Great News & Updates

So the verdict is in for my car..... Drumroll Please...Broken thermostat, broken something stabilizer, transmission flush and fluid replacement, power steering fix, and new front brakes.....

Price: $0

Can I please get an amen????

Well I actually had to fork out a little for the brakes but nothing too bad. Turns out some parts that needing fixing on the car were actually part of a recall. And thanks to my iron clad warranty... my wallet and bank account were saved. Thank you Fidelity

O and a special thanks goes out to Kevin for letting me use his car while mine was in the shop. I got to roll in the gangster Jeep :)

This weekend.... was a blast. I had one of my favorite people in town to visit... Miss Timara F. And... I got to see my friend Alyssa too. Pretty much.. It was a much needed ladies night. I hate that this picture came out blurry but at least I have one :)

No matter what we are doing I can always have fun with these two. Thanks Loves!

I also got to particpate in my Southern duty by going to a gun show. Yup... Oh how I love seeing my southern rednecks in Camo and cargo pockets within cargo pockets and veteran gun enthusiasts. It was pretty cool and I learned some new stuff too. By the way.. I want to take a shooting class now. I want to be like Bobby Lee Swagger- Mark Wahlberg- in that movie Shooter. Swagger.... Ill be your sniper spotter any time.

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