Thursday, August 18, 2011

Broken Car Broken Heart

So it is with sadness and reluctantcy that I announce... my car broke down yesterday.... On the way home from work... about 45 minutes from my apartment.....

Driving down a road enjoying the somewhat breeze in the 99 degree air, I hear a "er er er er er" any time I accelerate. Then I notice... My AC is NOT working... Great.

luckily I had a feeling at 7:30pm that I just might need to pull over. With my luck... every car place was closed... Crap.

Then I see what looks like civilization at a Car Center so I immediatly pull over warranting a honk from the jerk riding my tail. They're closed.

Then I see a clean older man wearing way too short khaki shorts with a bottle of beer in his hand. "What can I seem to help ya with miss"?

Me... acting like a helpless damsel in distress... "Oh my, well I'm not quite sure... are you sure youre closed?... I could really use your help." Being a woman has its advantages. As they open the hood I see steam flying out like it was getting paid to do so and hear the whistle of an overheated car. Long story short... they looked at my car and it was as I expected... undriveable. 24 hours and a tow later to the Mazda dealership, I am awaiting the diagnosis on little TY- my car.

So please pray for TY and my hopefully Iron Clad warranty that I opted to pay for that is making me broke. :)

I quite love my little black mazda 3 with 10% gangster tinted windows and envious 6000K HID headlights...Details to follow.

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