Sunday, November 21, 2010

Day two & Weekend Update

DAY TWO: 30 day Challenge Meaning Behind Your blog name

LindzayNicole...... Obviously my name.... and

Love me for me & not who you want me to be.... I feel like sometimes people try to change us in order to fit their current needs. Granted we should always be striving to better ourselves and become better people but only to a point where we don't lose our identity. And that's whats important to me.. to not lose who I am in order to please or satisfy someone else.

And.. Weekend update. OF COURSE I went to the Harry Potter Premiere Thursday night! I even had to bring homework to do while waiting. But it was well worth it and HARRY POTTER was AMAZING! Ah so so so so good! My friends... I am NOT a closet HP fan but a loyal and proud fan... However not obsessed :) But nonetheless it was pretty epic

Some HP fans at the movie theatre- Love premiere nights

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Nellena said...

Awesome pics your style girl!!

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