Friday, September 24, 2010

too High expectations

Just excited for what and who is waiting for me at home and ready to leave

I know these postings are usually supposed to be all about whats great and happy in life but sometimes you just need to vent.
Sometimes I really do feel that I have too high expectations for people. Why put so much trust and effort into someone if they are just going to screw you over? I thought people here were supposed to be different. I hate when people start taking themselves too seriously and become nothing more than self centered egotistical idiots who think everything is about them. News flash... Its not. Sometimes people just want to be nice doesnt mean they want to join your fan club or anything. I feel like so many people here are only concerned about where they are seen, who theyre seen with, and how their image is to others who really wont remember two weeks from now.
People are fake and have lost their identities.
They turn into someone you look up to and admire to who you cant even be around without frustration or hurt.
Find a way you want to treat someone and stick to it. Stop it with all of this hot and cold crap. Be a good person be a good friend. Be a good person. Its really sad how good of a person someone can be and how quickly they can change when their priorities are out of order
if you say something, mean it and dont just say it because its what people want to hear. Ugh people. Good thing I am leaving in a couple of months and wont have to deal with it much longer. Yeah I will miss you very few who are real, incredible, and just pure amazing. But I am excited for what and who is waiting for me at home.

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