Thursday, September 23, 2010

Love to Laugh

I seriously have not laughed this hard in so long! Cannot remember the last time when. My roommates are the funniest people I know and make me laugh to the point of tears, ab shakes, and back tension. Ah i love it. So I am ending my last semester on a pretty good note. Some fun things to note thus far:

Some awesome Monday Mustaches at Sammys! where you can get Free grilled cheese sandwiches with proof of mustache! Kickin butt in my classes :) thank you very much and on my way to graduation :) music to my ears.I seriously love Rexburg so much. yes I gripe and complain about it often but it has been so good to me. I love its small town feel, how everywhere you go you see a friendly or familiar face, and just the fun little things to do around here. I am really going to miss you Rexburg. You have taught me SO much about myself, life, love, and happiness.

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Josh and Kallie said...

Yay! For kicking butt in your classes! I love Idaho! I'm glad you have finally come around to it (:

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