Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Last Weekend

So this past weekend was Kevin's last weekend in Rexburg :( Sad I know.. Pretty depressing.

But we tried to make the best of it! So just a little update on the last happenings.. A small group of close friends threw Kev a surprise "We'll miss you/ Happy Birthday" Party. Best thing was.. He really had no idea this time- which they usually do. And it was so hard to keep it from him because the kid is a freakin genius! But it was great fun with all of our close friends. His bosses even came :)

Also it was the 4th of July weekend! We ended up going to Idaho Falls to watch the big firework show. Apparently its the biggest one West of the Mississippi. (ps every time I spell Mississippi I have to sing that song we all learned in grade school).
But it was a great show! it lasted forever! I know this might sound way corny but it has always been a wish of mine to watch a pretty fireworks show on the 4th with someone I love and care about. This year it finally came true and it was just nice.

Monday morning was the morning of doom.. The day Kevin had to leave. Needless to say I was not in the best spirits. Too many times I have had to say goodbye. Granted its really not going to be for that long but it's still hard. When you spend every moment of your spare time with someone you love, you kind of feel completely empty once they're not there anymore. That's how I felt today. Empty. I got along fine by keeping busy but the situation just sucks. But home is where he needs to be right now. It is where he is needed most. So time for me to stop being selfish and let things happen the way they need to. :)

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