Thursday, July 8, 2010



Its been crazy this week! So much to do so busy with school and so many other things! Ah! I cant wait to be home out of Rexburg and with FAMILY!! I love my friends but other than that.. Other people here drive me CrAzY!! Who the heck goes to IDAHO for school? I do. loved it, learned from it, now ready to get the Hell out. :) I'm excited to get back to normal life with normal friends. But today I am grateful for so many things -Life can be really great if you just let it.

Lately i have been worrying about so many things that are just out of my control. I have let it almost ruin my life these past months. Im ready to be me again. Fun, happy, outgoing me. I am confident in who I am and what I want out of life. So no more worrying. Just let it all go. People will ALWAYS let you down, hurt you, lie to you, and mistreat you. I have just learned to be patient, be better than that, and be happy. Everyone deserves more than they think. So i try to keep surrounding myself with people who will want to make me happy and who I love. and hopefully I can make the ones I love and have let down happy as well. :) we are not as perfect as we may think.

But those are just a few thoughts as of lately!

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