Thursday, June 24, 2010

Cops and Robbers

Yesterday Kevin and I got to play cops and robbers and help the local Rexburg Police in a little sting operation. Yeah We're pretty Bad A**

A couple weeks ago Kev had a sketch roommate move in. First red flag...Two days ago we noticed that his i-pod was missing. We looked everywhere turned the whole house apart. Nothing. Then Kevin with his crazy 6th sense just knew that his roommate had stolen it. So he decides to look on Craig's list and sees there is conveniently a new i pod for sale... the same exact as his. Then came the "Lindsay... you have to call this guy and get information on him and act like you want to buy it!" So yes I did some investigative work under the name of Nikki. Got his name and last, number, address, and all sorts of other stuff. I asked if there were any movies on it and yeah.. there were... the same ones that Kev had. We were just planning on doing a meet and then takin it if it was in fact Kevin's but decided to go to the safe route...
We then met with a super cute officer at the police station, (who said I did great undercover work) explained the situation.... turns out he KNEW the guy who was selling the i pod (who was NOT Kevin's roommate), and WHERE he lived. Then turns out that the kid is like best friends with Kev's roommate. They definitely had a record... Coincidence... I think not. We spoke to another officer who then told us..."IF you can get these guys on ANY charges.... DO IT" so yes... We pulled a little sting operation. Me... by the name of NIKKI and Kevin.
We get to the meet spot where the cops can see us, after we look at the i pod.. It's definitely Kevin's... With a playlist entitled "Linz". Kevin gives the signal and the COPS COME SWARMING IN question the kids and then handcuff them and throw them in the back of the cop car!!!
We went back to the station and gave our statements. At first we just wanted the property back no big deal we just didnt want to wait until we never saw it again and then have to drop another $300. But at the urge of the police we did what we could for our community :)

No we won't be accepting any rewards it was all for the good of our local community!

And that was our weekly adventure

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Rachel said...

haha! that's so cool! i love that! sigh.. if only i was as cool as my big sister... :/
love you!

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