Friday, April 6, 2012

Spring Rejuvenation - Part 3 - Spring Organization from Elise

Happy Friday Lovelies! What a crazy week this has been. I have literally spent nights up til 3 AM working, have looked at the clock and had 5 hours pass by without even knowing... It has been crazy. But today I have a SPECIAL treat for you. Please meet my TOP SPONSOR Elise!

This woman is amazing. You will be seeing her a lot here through out the month as she is my top sponsor. I had the opportunity of going to college with her and she is a freakin blast. Not to mention, she would let me break into her apartment through her window just to borrow clothes when she wasnt home. So.. Please meet Elise with some awesome Spring Rejuvenation advice. I actually read this last night and then spent like 2! hours purging and re-organizing my WHOLE closet and now I feel SO much better. So please meet ELISE!!




Hey! I’m Elise and I blog over at “that’s comma with a k.” a page full of totally random posts about
my life as a wife [who rarely has dinner prepared] ,stay-at-home mommy [who spends most of
her day cleaning up soggy gold fish, thinking about doing the laundry, & blogging in sweats! I can
promise you that my hair and make-up is done though, and yes, I’m fully aware that I have big hair…
I do it on purpose & I’m totally okay with it!], and a total wanna-be-runner training for 10k [I think I
can, I think I can, I know I can!] I’m pretty sure I have absolutely no business writing a blog, except
for the fact that I need a place to put all of the 230952803958 pictures of my boys. Oh! And because
sometimes I think I’m pretty funny and feel the need to share my daily adventure with anyone who
will listen! [hopefully that’s you!]

When Lindsay asked me to write a little something something about some “purging” tips, I was

taken back to the lovely days when I knew Linds in college & she would sneak in through my

window, early in the morning, wake me up to tell me good-morning, borrow my clothes, and then

head out the way she came in! A few years later & states away, we are still friends and still love

each other’s fashion.

Now, about that color coordinated closet of mine… [not at all perfect, but I try!]


I used to find “spring cleaning” a nasty chore, and by spring cleaning, I’m talking about going

through the clothes in my closet. I thought of it as flat out, just emotionally difficult. I’m one of

those girls that if someone were to recall an event or date from 2,3,4 years ago, I could tell you

exactly what I was wearing. As silly as it sounds, clothes have a funny way of tugging at our

heart strings and emotions right?!

But somewhere along the way, it has become something I look forward to. Something I like to

call “purging into spring!” Once it became something that I did every year, I started to share

my “purging” tips with friends, and over the years I’ve come up with a little list of three essential

rules that I have to live by [or nothing will get done]. I hate to burst some bubbles, but I am by

no means an expert in organization, purging, closet space…none of that! I’m just a girl who isn’t

about to let an old, two sizes too small, out-dated, tight shirt put a kink in my day, or depress me

for the week!


DRESS FOR NOW! I’m not opposed to hanging onto “skinny clothes” for

some needed motivation [guilty as charged] but really, let’s not keep it all. It’s just not

necessary! I’ve had to take this to heart, especially after having a child. I’m pretty sure

that I don’t need Hollister written, stretched across my chest [which probably should

have never happened] and I certainly don’t need

two. If you haven’t worn something in a year then out it goes! No questions asked.

Regardless of price, condition, or its size. Why is a year the magic time?! Because

whether you realize it, you have just covered every season in that period of time! If you

haven’t worn it during the year, lets be honest… you probably never will. I’ve come to

the conclusion [and so should you] “Me and this “just in case” business…we are done!”

When I purged a few weeks ago, I’m sad to admit that I pulled 15+ shirts from my closet,

with tags still left on them…


[I should probably have a “giveaway”…anyone interested!? Ha.]

most bought more than 6 months ago! That’s telling me a few things…either I don’t

get dressed in “normal” clothes enough, I have a bad shopping habit [yes, I think

there is such thing], or I wore the shirt with the tag left on….none of which are good

things…donate or consignment pile they went!

three. When going through your closet… Try everything on. UGGG I know… I’ve

never been one to love this rule, but I’ve learned, and re-learned, and now I can’t stress

it enough! Do not hold something up and say “oh this is so cute, I have to keep it.” I

read a quote once “Sometimes we linger way too long in something that’s not working

because we hope things will change and get better”…women and relationships?!

Clothes in your closets?! I’m seeing a pattern….Stop it right now & get rid of it!

Overwhelming!? It’s okay, because you are going to remember to have some fun. I

know it sounds a little lame, but seriously. Turn your music up loud, sing and dance

your little heart out, do a fashion show for goodness sake!

Thank you for letting me spend a little bit of your day with you! I had a blast! If you need

a little break from your closet [or life in general], come on by, visit, & follow me at the



Lesley @ my lively mind said...

you have a ton of clothes and they look cute, even if i can only see the side!

Brittany said...

I can never do this. I have heard that one year rule so many times but I still have a super hard time and usually just keep everything. I will have to start slow I guess and work up to it. lets go with 2+ yrs! haha

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