Monday, January 16, 2012

Music Monday - Jaymee Dee

Hey There! Happy Martin Luther King Day all!

Let me please start off this Monday by telling you how excited I am to share this artist with you for Music Monday. She is gorgeous, talented, and a HUGE upcoming deal. I hope. The point of Music Monday is to bring just a little more recognition to some awesome artists. Especially up and coming ones like this. So please, please please go check her out.

Who am I talking about you ask?

Jayme Dee

Jaymee has the most chilling soulful voice that is absolutely mesmerizing. She can take a song and completely make it her own. She started off by doing covers and is starting to release her own stuff (Listen here!). I can listen to her for hours. I love her self written "bio" :

"Hi! I’m Jayme. Bio’s ordinarily bore me so if you don’t mind, I’ll spare you the drabness and try to maintain a certain level of wittiness along the way ;)
I enjoy long walks in South Central Los Angeles. Since I attend the University Of Southern California, I am lucky enough to roam the streets so close to my abode. Might I add, I keep pepper spray and a pocket knife on me at all times.
I hate cats. Sorry for all you cat enthusiasts who build shrines for your felines but I just don’t like them. They are sneaky, conniving, mini lions I tell you.
My guitar is my best friend. But really. I have no friends other than my guitar.
Amy Winehouse is my idol. Except for the cocaine addiction, binge drinking, rehab, tattoo’s, abusive relationships, jail time, etcetera. Other than that, she’s great!
I don’t like flowers. or nail salons. or pink. yuck.
I would kill a man for anything chocolate. A day without chocolate is a day without sunshine. When no one understands me, chocolate is there to listen.
I love initiating awkward situations. They make me feel happy for some obscure, unknown reason.
My favorite food (other than chocolate, but that is more like an element necessary for life) is watermelon. If you’re thirsty, it quenches. If you’re hungry, it fulfills. What a perfect combination. I think that sums it up."

So watch some videos below of her awesome talent and maybe go look her up

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Robin said...

Excellent post about Jayme Dee, actually currently listening to her version of Fix You by Coldplay. Love her voice, posted one of her songs on my blog a few days ago!

I hope you'll participate in my link up Wish! {out loud} -

Anonymous said...

Her voice is AMAZING! and she is stunning!

new follower

Erin said...

i cannot stop listening to her!!

A Girl Named Allie said...

I found jayme on youtube the other day. Gorgeous face and voice!

Nora Spaulding said...

I had never heard of her and now I'm in love, amazing voice, great talent! I'm hooked she's going on my youtube stream!
<3 thanks a bunch + i'm a new follower!

brooke & jake said...

thanks for sharing these! love them. just came across your blog!

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