Thursday, December 8, 2011

Ramblings + A Quick Awkward and Awesome

I have been in the most blah mood all week. Thank you mother nature. Seriously haven't cared one bit what I look like for work, took everything out of me to get out of bed each morning, and have been overly frustrated all week. I don't know what my deal is at all but I need to snap out of this.

So please enjoy my wonderful moments of the week! :

-Please visualize. Walking to the bathroom, tampon concealed, crutching along. Tampon flys out of its hiding spot and to the ground. Male bystander walks by to help girl on crutches with item dropped. While handing it to her, he realizes what it is and drops it only to pick it up again with complete horror, hands it over, and rushes off. Highlight awkward moment of the week
-Realizing at the end of my work day I wore a completely wrong bra with my shirt. Little pink lace was popping out ALL day.
- While in the doctor's office waiting to get my knee looked at I remembered a key point. The shoes I chose to wear that day make my feet REEK. Panicly rushing to find the smelly hand sanitizer to rub over the stank resulted in a scented "Caribbean Escape Feet" smell.


-Going to see my sister's last Christmas Chorus Concert tonight
-Learning and failing to make this holiday wreath. More on that later
-One more day 'til the weekend
-Buying a boat load of Christmas ornaments
-Getting a bottle of M&M candy Prescription from a co-worker as a random act of kindness.

And there you have it. Happy Thursday Everyone!

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Steph said...

Awww...your stories at the beginning of this post made me laugh because I can totally relate! I have a pair of ballet flats that smell terrible, and of course I always wear them when for some reason, someone will be near my feet! And tampons + boys = always awkward. I'm having a pretty blah week too...hope to snap out of it soon because I have so much to do! Enjoy your M&Ms...they always make me feel better!

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