Tuesday, November 29, 2011

A Bit of Etiquette I Have Learned

Soooooo here is the deal.

Being handicapped the past few weeks has taught me A LOT of lessons. Don't worry... I'll try to keep this from going to a full on rant. But these are some things that just HAVE to be said and shared.

Me coming back from a pretty cool person's work event. Crutches, sadly, are conversation starters.
1. IT IS NONE OF YOUR BUSINESS. Do not ask random people what injury they have or how they did it.

*Unless they bring it up to you, don't ask. I can not tell you how many random people- who would even go out of their way- came up to me to ask this question. I can't go ANYWHERE without a stranger asking. I'm sorry... Do I know you? It would make me irate. So... I caved in and told them I was a professional kick boxer who you could order on pay per view. I'm legit, no worries. Well at least they think so.

2. I will never use a handicap bathroom unless it is completely necessary.

*Sadly the first week, I had major issues even attempting to use the bathroom. Do you know how many of your leg muscles you use to just pull your freaking pants down? Quite a bit. The handicap rails are there for a reason. For people who need them. Three times I almost peed my pants waiting while some Chick just wanted a spacier place to use the bathroom and take phone pictures of herself with the toilet cropped out. We can see the flash hunny.

3. Do NOT, under any circumstances, give your looks of apology, apathy, or pity in my direction

*...as I am minding my own business crutching along. This might not bother others but for me, the continual "I feel SO sorry for you", "That doesn't look fun", or my personal favorite... "Oh, Bless your heart" just stirs up the anger and broiling in my veins. No, its not fun... but look at the arm muscles I am toning. Thanks for your comment stranger but no thanks. Too hostile? apologies.

4. Please, please, please... Do not cut off a person in a wheelchair, on crutches, or a big boot on their foot.

*It seriously takes all my concentration to ensure I get from point A to point B without any mishap. You, while paying more attention to your phone or the sky and running into my injured self only makes me want to beat you with my crutch. Seriously... But then I would go to jail for aggravated assault and then where would we be?

5. Be sensitive of the matter if need be, otherwise continue to treat me the same.

*Yes, it's nice when you have others who are mindful when you need help with the door or carrying something. That's fine- you're not making a huge charade out of it. But otherwise I am still the same old me. Please treat me the same.

And there you have it. A few lessons of "etiquette/rantings" I have learned that I am sharing from me to you. Hope we all learned something from this experience.

Happy Tuesday


Anonymous said...

great list, boy am i glad i follow all of these ;-)

get well soon hun!

July said...

Aww you have no idea how much this hits home right now. My mom fell and broke her knee cap two months ago and I have seen first hand how tough it has been for her. I hope you recover quick!

Tamara Nicole said...

Serves as a good reminder to us all, it's good to experience these things:-) Hope you get better fast you famous kick boxer! ;-)

Anonymous said...

I love this post!! I broke my leg my freshman year and was in a wheelchair for like 3 months and on crutches after that. Imagine trying to get around in highschool hallways. fml. I had many things like this happen. One kid took off running down the hallway with me one time. So I turned around and punched him in the you-know-whats. Don't mess with handicapped people. Especially girls.


L0veLindsey said...

LOL... pictures while in the bathroom stall? That's a new one! I hope you feel better soon!

By the way, I'm giving away a $50 Sephora gift card on my blog: http://www.l0velindsey.com.

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