Thursday, July 12, 2012

I Don't Understand

So my Step-dog River.... Mr. River as we like to call him... Is the most adorable thing since beanie babies I tell ya. We have the most wonderful time cuddling, playing tug of war, and just hanging out.


So I get super confused when I take Mr. River out to do his business, leave for 15 minutes... and come back to this! Having to go run out last minute (I am super anal about my clean carpets) and get That.


Yup.. that's poo... POO!! I was/am SUPER pissed.

So please dog owners... tell me why this super well behaved trained dog is doing this to me!


Elle said...

I need a dog whisperer too. I have no idea why they do some of things they do! I'm threatening to put Cooper in the classifieds.

Katie Mac said...

It's hard to say exactly why he is doing that, but it could be a couple of common possibilities. One, if it's a new space including outside, he may not be used to it and is holding it in as long as possible. Two, he may not have had enough time to go when he was outside, sometime it takes awhile to get moved around for them. Or three, he could have eaten while you were gone or just before you left. Eating gets their digestive system moving, and could possibly cause him to go. Just a few possibilities, but who knows.

Ashleigh Nichole said...

Oh NO! I would have been extremely angry as well! That is awful that you had just taken him out only to find this. @ least he is cute ;)

Rachel said...

My parents are watching my dog for a while because I'm still living in the UK and he is having accidents everywhere! He was perfectly trained here, but I think he's acting out because he's missing us and hating their dog. Dogs do the strangest things... but they're so cute.

Love your blog. :)

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