Thursday, April 19, 2012

Just Write - A Few Deep Thoughts

There is something so beautiful, poetic and simplistic about the moments one has to themselves in evaluating who they truly are. Do I know my own self? Am I who I thought I'd turn out to be? Am I who I want to be?
The answers to these are forever changing. Sometimes we ignore, sometimes we pursue.
We all have our inner monologues that are continually moving throughout the day and through the moments just before a deep sleep. I am moved and humbled by the moments where these thoughts can be stilled and quieted, and take in a deep breath of heart touching beauty that stills the soul and makes us gasp for breath - there is beauty in that moment that so rarely occurs. So often do I find myself having simple moments like this though, where my mind and soul are quieted by the simple beauties of the world, or people, and random strangers.

A dad smiles to his little daughter, a genuine smile by a stranger that stays with you, a random act  of kindness I receive from someone I will never see again, a tree that sits still in bloom and watches over those who walk by while the wind is the only sound that beholds the ears.

These are moments where I daydream to myself of all the beautiful possibilities this life has to offer. I dont think about my moment of hurt, of tragedy, loss, or of tears. I dont think of all the wrong, hate and injustices of the world, or drift to the pessimistic thoughts and nature of men.

I think of the beauty of the sky and how fortunate I am to have pure air in my lungs, that smile that warmed my cold heart, the laughter of a child nearby, a hug from your father, a misspoken word from a child learning how to speak that renders an uncontrollable smile. I am forever grateful for the realness of the so few. The ones who put their true selves out there and not just a facade of a perfect life. Life isn't perfect, but the moments we stand again after we have been crushed down, those are still and perfect moments that can never be taken away.

I think of what I want to do with my life and what my heart desires to be when I grow up even though I am considered so by most. Their are infinite possibilities with this cherished gift we have been given. So often I forget as such, this each day is a gift. There is beauty all around. There is hope, there is good. There is realness, strength warmth, and happiness to be obtained.

these are the moments I want to live in forever.



Ioana-Carmen said...

Hey sweetie! tku for following:) just followed back X

elise said...

love this linds...I'll call you soon- things got a little crazy!

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