Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Got a big girl job!

So I know I have been MIA and for that I am so sorry but I got to catch up on my friends blogs still so happy for all of my wonderful friends and whats going on with them! Kallie youre prego and getting a new apt! Lindsay happy one year! Ashley congrats on EVERYTHING lol and Brit youre beautiful and i love ya, Bridge love your adventures, Brandilyn you have the best style.. those are just the ones fresh in my head ah!

But.. I GOT A JOB!!!!! 1 1/2 weeks after graduation!

***This has actually been my 3rd week I have just been so busy! I am now a Financial and Budget Analyst for Unisys Corporation- Federal Sector. My client is the CDC where I work!! My division is the Division of Library Sciences and Services-DLSS within the Epidemiology and Analysis Program Offices-EAPO- Within the Office of Surveillance, Epidemiology and Laboratory Services- OSELS. Whew yeah try saying that on an office voicemail. not fun.

It has been a HUGE challenge but such an incredible experience thus far. I am so blessed to have such an AMAZING job right out of college. I get to work at the Beautiful CDC and the campus is gorgeous! I love the people I get to work with and I get to learn every day. Its so incredible being able to be apart of a cause for an organization that does so much! What we do directly affects Congress, the President, and the nation which is so amazing. But I'm loving it! Its a crazy learning curve but I enjoy what I do.. And now comes apartment hunting!!!

Also... Steelers suck... so glad they lost :)


Julie said...

Hey girl! We live right by the CDC...like a couple miles! We just moved into our apartment complex a few weeks ago and love it so far. If you want to come by and see it, I'd be glad to show you around! Let me know!

Kesley said...

I want to officially congratulate you on your new position. I knew you would start strong into your career. I hope your are enjoying the new area as much as your job. What a growing experience it must be, I can't wait until september when I am going through the same experience. We miss you and hope to hear from you soon.


Kallie and Josh said...

Yay Linds! Congrats girl! I am so happy you are happy! also thanks for the shout out! I feel so cool! haha

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