Monday, July 26, 2010

Rush of Emotions

Today has just been a rush of emotions. I Don't even know where to start

The Quiet escape of Idaho, the sun, a good book, and music have all been my escape. And maybe a couple of other things.

Today memories have been flooding back. Today I have been remembering all of the incredible and all of the hard. How much I have grown, learned, how much left I still have to live. I am happy but at times incomplete. I am so grateful today for the people I have met who have changed my life. Who have shown me what true happiness is. Who are incredible because it's who they are and not just what they do. I am so so grateful and changed because of these few. Some I have known forever and some just a short time but regardless of the time I have been changed and blessed by them. So thank you

Today I have been wondering... Do we ever really fully know who we are? Or are we always changing. How do you keep up? Is the good in us permanent or does is sometimes fade and what happens when the bad or the hard comes out? I have been thinking today that I want to be that great girl because its who I am and not just how I act. I hope I am this person. If I ever falter it will only be for a moment.
There are SO many things I want out of life that its almost overwhelming. And they're not physical things but more emotional, not always tangible, security oriented. I want to know that I am always going to know who I am. So thank you for those who help me remember it.

I love the person that I am today. No regrets. Forever learning. Always growing

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